EasyCoding Library: Learn to code, easily!

EasyCoding Library

What is EasyCoding, you may ask. EasyCoding is a library, with which you can learn coding, by basically playing with the code.

This is mostly for learning so more experienced scripters won’t find any use with this.




EC:Output(Type, Message)
Types: Warn, Normal
Outputs the wanted message.

EC:Leaderstats(player, Value1Name, Value1Type, Value2Name, Value2Type)
Types: IntValue, StringValue, NumberValue, BoolValue, CFrameValue, Color3Value
Creates Leaderstats, currently 2 values supported, will add more in next updates.

EC:NewPart(Position, Color)
Position: Vector3 Position
Color: RGB Color
Creates new part.

EC:Kick(player, Reason)
Reason is optional.
Kicks selected player.

EC:SetSpeed(player, Speed)
Speed: Integer or Decimal value.
Sets WalkSpeed of player.

EC:SetPower(player, Power)
Power: Integer or Decimal value.*
Sets JumpPower of player.

You can get the library here:

Thank you for checking this out! If you have any questions, concerns or ideas for new functions. Leave them down below! I will be updating this and adding more functions. Have a nice day.



This function seems useless. Printing is easier, it is literally just print(), warn(), error().


Output would tell me more than print() when learning. But it’s everyone’s choice.

Can you describe the EasyCoding Library more better for me?

Well what does Instance.new() say to you —nothing.

But when you use EC:NewPart(), then you know what are you doing. And after some while you can dig through the code and see how it works.

a few methods are redundant

	function EC:Kick(player, Reason)
		if player and Reason then
		elseif player and not Reason then
			warn("Player cannot be nil!")

all this is doing is player:Kick() but with unnecessary steps

Instance.new() does exactly what it sounds like, it creates a new Instance

the SetSpeed and SetPower methods are useable, but I’d add checks to see if a player has a character and a humanoid before you set the speed otherwise it could error


The idea of something like this is great, yet you would need lots of these functions take make it worthwhile. Just something to take into consideration if you want to go through with a project like this.

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