EasyPBR - Easy To Use PBR Plugin


With EasyPBR you can import PBR textures AND Sky Boxes into your game in just a few clicks. It’s as simple as that!


PBR Page

The PBR Page is where you can preview or import PBR textures into your game!

Skybox Page

The Skybox Page is where you can also preview or import skyboxes into your game.
NOTE: There is only 5 skyboxes atm.


The Preview Window is where you can preview textures or skyboxes!


This is my first ever plugin and this post is my first ever DevForum Post so please provide feedback if you have any!


Download Link


Like i said this is my first dev forum post and i keep messing the post up. HOW DO I ADD IMAGES :sob: I GIVE UP

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Ctrl + V



download link broken too, please fix

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Just remove the HTML elements in your post. I saw your post’s source and because of the amount of “hr” and “h1” elements the images are broken. Rather, use two hash symbols before the text like so:

This is a title!

## This is a title!

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Here’s the link and images if anyone is wondering. I don’t know why they don’t work in the topic, but only in the reply.

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This looks really good and a very valuable plugin to have, but i already have a plugin like this, Add Easy Texture, that provides a lot of textures that can be applied to a part with a couple clicks, so (other than the ui) what sets your plugin apart?

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His contain skyboxes, PBR textures (unless yours does too), and that’s about it.

THANK YOU!!! By removing the html stuff it actually worked. There was a text saying that you could use html and stuff but NOPE.

Yes there are a few plugins similar to/better than this one but I’m committed to making this one the best. I’m also developing this on my own and some stuff takes more tome than the other, not because it’s hard, because it’s time consuming. I’m also trying to keep the plugin as optimized as possible.

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No problem! You could use html but then you would need to use only html i.e using “img” or “a” tags.

Also now that we have a preview, this plugin looks amazing! Good job!

New Update so I updated the post if anyone wonders

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Pretty nice.

Is there a way you can add it so we can load and save our own pbr and skyboxes?

That would be nice so we do not need to search all the time through the Roblox toolbox…

Also a sort with recently used would be cool.

Yes! I’ve been considering making that (saving). The only “problem” is saving the textures over multiple experiences, thats what you meant right? I’ll have to use get/setSetting() to save the textures in tables but I’m a but unsure on how to use get/setSetting(). My next goal is to be able to save textures/skyboxes. It cant be that hard, I’ll just save a table :sweat_smile:

Recently used could be a bit harder since im using Ui layouts and I have no idea how to manipulate them

Just looked it up and i could just do the exact same thing as a datastore but with setSetting()

— SetAsync—
local table = {}
datastorething:SetAsync(key, table)

— SetSetting —
local table = {}
plugin:SetSetting(textures, table)