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Hello there!

Hi, I am Bat! I am the Marketing Manager for EasyRanks and @DestinSamDeveloper is the owner and developer for Easy Ranks. We are an upcoming technology group providing ranking services for all sorts of groups.


EasyRanks is providing Application and Rank Centers. Our centers are customizable in colors and very easy to configure. Our services are extremely automatic. Purchasing the centers are automatic and can be done inside a Roblox game. All you need to do is create a bot with the token and insert the group id. To configure your center you will need to use Roblox Studio. In the portal, you can take the model for the center and insert it to a baseplate. There will be instructions in there. It’s extremely easy to configure the center, even if your not a scripter.

EasyRanks provides there services for many groups such as:

  • Vinns Hotels and Resorts (131k+ Members)
  • Rosewood Hotels & Resorts. (13k_ Members)
  • Waypoint Hotels (1000+ Members)
  • Summit Hotel & Resort (100k+ Members)
  • Echelon Hotels (150k+ Members)

(Keep in mind we are a new group and we are hoping to expand our services to many more groups.)

Terms & Conditions

When using our centers you automatically are accepting our terms and conditions. If broken you will be punished. Please ensure you read this before purchasing: EasyRanks - Terms and Conditions - Google Docs


The payment for our centers is reasonable. For a rank center is it 2k and an application center is 1k. If you want a custom center it will be 2k+ depending on what is needed to be done. If you wish for a custom center or pay in USD then contact us on discord or developer forums.

Contact & Links

You can contact me or @DestinSamDeveloper via Discord or Developer forums if you need us. Please do not DM us about purchasing a center as you need to do this at the rank center. You can also join our discord located in the social link on the Roblox group!

  • Jeffy#1732 (Contact for bus/purchases/custom centers.)

If you wish to join our group you can join via this link: https://www.roblox.com/groups/8956840/EasyRank#!/about

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Feel free to leave reviews and opinions below! :smiley:


It says you must purchase from a game. How exactly does that work?


It has chaned. You now need to buy the ranking/application center from the portal and redeem your key at their discord.

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I tried ordering something last week, employee didn’t reply until a day later, when I then sent something I still haven’t received a message back, overall a major lack of communication between interested clients.

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Is it really that big of a deal if they didn’t reply until a day later?


This was because, we didn’t have any customer support, team members. We are a new business and we only have recently opened customer support team apps. When you created that ticket there were only 2 people who could respond which were me and Sam. And most likely at that time, we were asleep. We are sorry you feel this away and if you wish to create a ticket I am happy to assist you.


Sorry for the inconvenience, but if you really needed support you could’ve joined the discord and opened a ticket rather than wait for a DM back like the rest of our members. Although the post did say to DM me for anything custom, but at the moment I cannot get to all DMs at this time. If you need anymore help please make sure to make a ticket in our communications server. If you need the link please check our groups social links.



This looks very clean, secure and simple to set up yet affordable. I’ll most likely be using this for a group of mine; to be honest, I was having a hard time finding affordable, simple and good Rank Providers :laughing:

Although, maybe include what’s specifically configurable with the Centers (for example, if the theme colours are) and images of the Centers on the post itself. As it’s more convenient then searching group games :stuck_out_tongue:


Valentines Early Sale Vaild through 28 Feb. 2021

All products are 20% off, you buy/check the prices in the portal.

Portal: Portal - Roblox

If you have any questions or concerns please make a ticket in our communications server.

You can find out communications server from our group
EasyRanks - Roblox


I bought the application from them and it is AWESOME! Whenever I had trouble setting it up, customer support was always willing to help! 10/10


Would not recommend for the time being


I am rating this service a 2/10. Let me elaborate:

The design is decent and looks good for modern centers! However, my main observation/concern was the exploitation of this service that happened today.


This service is not secure or protected at all… It uses the TeleportService to not only gain visits on their own game, but is a huge security vulnerability as well. They pass TeleportData through the teleport which contains the center key, the discord webhook, and information about ranks.

What does this mean? It means that an exploiter could use the data and maybe spam a group’s Discord Webhooks and raid their servers! Not only that, they can theoretically rank themselves whatever the exploiter would like, as long as the bot account can do it.

The process is as described:

  • Exploiter gets a hold of the application key by looking at client sided teleport data
  • Creates a new place with the model and puts the application key inside of it
  • Change the settings and boom, you can rank yourself whatever you’d like regardless of your rank in the group.

Unless EasyRanks does a full revamp as in secures everything server sided and stops teleporting, we will continue to have this issue.

Customer Service

You would think a service like this would have good customer service, however, that’s not the case. A few of my buddies told me that they went to ask for support: asking if they encrypt cookies and personal data on their servers? What was the outcome? a nice ban, no response, just banned without question. If you ask a single question about security, unfortunately, that’s your fate.


Would not recommend this to anyone that’s trying to protect this group. No hate to EasyRanks; I personally think they would be great if they fixed the vulnerabilities up. They have shut down the service for hours now trying to fix this “bug” which who knows when will be fixed.


Thanks for your response, recently we had updated our centers to fit your standards. If anyone gets ahold of your key we now have a token system in which this token makes sure everything is correct. We also have a whitelisting system where users can whitelist their center’s placeID and when someone trys to use their key in another center it won’t let them. The discord webhooks also have been updated, they are now stored via our DB and no longer are in any configs that have updated. We plan on making EasyRanks more secure by making a WebPanel so that way we don’t have to store any info about ranks and setting information.

You would think a service like this would have good customer service, however, that’s not the case. A few of my buddies told me that they went to ask for support: asking if they encrypt cookies and personal data on their servers? What was the outcome? a nice ban , no response, just banned without question. If you ask a single question about security, unfortunately, that’s your fate.

Unfortunately, as this is a third-person perspective, you can’t just say our support team is bad. Just because we don’t want to expose our privacy to a single person who has YET to make a ticket and DM an owner randomly “if they encrypt cookies and personal data on their servers?” when we have a report on someone actually taking a persons key is really suspious. For all I know he could have been the expoiter trying to further damage EasyRanks. In my response, I banned the user as we were also on lock down for the time being while I was updating EasyRanks backend to be more secure. In the update that was publish, we added PlaceID whitelisting, Webhook command, and Three new features to the config.

In result of our downtime, we also gave users with groups with 10k+ a free center.

We have MANY reviewers in our server who have yet to disagree on your statement “You would think a service like this would have good customer service, however, that’s not the case.” I understand you may have your own opinion on my services, but saying this without any proof or evidence of my support team actually being bad is pretty annoying.


My Honest Opinion

Hello there! I would love to give a honest opinion on this services. Everything I said has happened before.
Let me tell you my opinion. Some of it are good and some of it are bad.

1-10 Ratings

Honestly, the UI is very good, I liked the UI. I would rate the UI 8/10. However, Overall services, I wouldn’t say it’s good. Overall service, I will rate about 4/10. Why did I rate this service 4 out of 10 but I rate 8 out of 10 for UI. Here’s the reason:

  • Bad Moderation System.
  • False Kick offense.
  • Deleted my reviews.


A. I will now explain why EasyRank has the Bad Moderation System. They don’t warn you, not even a verbal warning for any minor/major offense. They simply kick you and there’s no message the reason why you were kicked/banned. You will not know the reason. Once you’ve reach 3 kicks, you will be banned.

B. I will now explain about False Kick Offense. This has happen a while ago, I was kicked for false reason and yet, I did NOT get any warnings or even a verbal warning. When I was kicked, I did not know the reason I was kicked since there is no reason I should get kicked, I rejoin again and I still get kick with no reason.

Until I was kicked 3 times with no answer, I decided to DM the owner of the Service on the reason why I was banned. The answer is not the answer I should be getting. I was asking, why did I get kick? He replied with the Terms of Conditions.

I was literally confused and then he block me. Then, I decided to DM me on my alt, and he said I was kicked for advertising. The thing is, I did NOT advertise in server or in anyone’s DMs. He said that putting advertise in status is not allowed because he didn’t like them. The thing is, what I set on my status is not advertising. I was just simply putting it as “DRS has a DevForum now!”

And advertising will count if there’s a link in the status or something. I do understand why were I banned, that will be remain confidential. But, still that doesn’t change anything for the false kick. The only reason why I was banned it’s related to the kick.

C. I will now explain about Deletion of my reviews. Your probably wondering, is it really that bad to get your reviews deleted? And why did your reviews get deleted? Let me tell you why and the reason that I think it was deleted.

First of all, in their Terms & Conditions, in “Use Rights” Sections on A, they clearly told that, Users have all rights to leave reviews in our discord server and we can not remove these reviews. They have deleted my reviews.

Why do I think they removed my reviews? It is because In the review I put in their discord server, I edit the review message and said that I was false kicked and stuff. When I was banned, I went to an alt because I needed the Owner tags to DM as what I explain earlier on why I was on alt. I was looking at the reviews and the reviews is not there means that they have deleted my reviews. They did NOT follow their own Terms & Conditions.


I don’t say that don’t use this Service, it’s good and honestly, I would wanted to use this system again but I am banned so what can I do about it? I can’t even appeal. But, I do suggest using their system but just don’t say anything similiar like I did so you won’t get falsely kicked.

Thank you for reading my whole message. :smiley:


I would rate Easy Ranks services 100/10. It was being difficult for me to rank people but when I bought items from them it became very easy. I highly recommend you all. Must purchase from them. Jeffy did support me alot in fixing.


Hello, I will be responding to all of your concerns.

Your first concern, A.

Bad Moderation System
At EasyRanks, we use Mee6. It depends on if you were manually warned/kicked/banned by mee6; if you were warned/kicked/banned you would receive a message from mee6. The only times we would use Discord’s Banning/Kicking system was back when we used dyno. Therefore, making you not receive the reasoning.

Your second concern, B.

False Kick Offense
January 13, 2021; the day of your message. EasyRanks was still fairly new to the ranking services platform. From the info you have provided me, I believe the reason that you were kicked/banned was that you were advertising your ranking services in your status. Although not being able to advertise your rank services isn’t in the rules, but I took personal offense to the matter. In my response, I banned you. With banning you, discord deleted all messages sent by you automatically.

Your third concern, C.

Deletion of your reviews
Like said above, when I banned you discord automatically deleted all messages by you. We have both good and bad reviews, we have no reason to hide anyone’s review. However, if you feel like re-posting your review, contact me here Jeffy#1732.

If you would like to add me and talk about an appeal or such you can add me, Jeffy#1732, on discord.


Wow this seems interesting, a good thing to advertise and monetize

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Okay, thank you. I’ll DM you with an appeal. You may have block me, so you’ll need to unblock me so I can contact you for appealing.

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User was unbanned, posted their review, and are receiving any products they owned previously.