Edeltia || Rank Guide [V2]

Edeltia || Rank Guide [V2]

The extent of this forum is to elaborate, for Edeltian LR’s and for officers, the roles in which each and every Edeltian must fulfill in order to secure a promotion in the empire.
[i] Cadet to [1] STAGE ONE – Introduction to Edeltia

Attend a Cadet training and you will have to stick for the whole time in order to receive your promotion at the end. The training will be centered around the basic rules and how to behave as an Edeltian.
[1] STAGE ONE to [2] STAGE TWO – Discipline

To advance to stage 2, you must demonstrate your discipline at a stage 1 training. The training will be designed to develop your maturity, discipline, and making sure you understand what it means to be an Edeltian.

[2] STAGE TWO to [3] STAGE THREE – Combat

You have made it past the basics and the discipline! Now you get to train with some of Edeltia’s best combatants to develop your fighting skills. Show to the officers that you know how to shoot a gun and swing a sword in order to pass this training.

[3] STAGE THREE to [4] Edeltian Scout – Application

You may join a group division now.

Must complete an application. Please message me for it.

[4] Edeltian Scout - Knowledge and Leadership

You demonstrate superior knowledge and combat skill than other Edeltians, prompting your promotion. Not only do you demonstrate excellent leadership qualities on patrol, but you apply them to your division tasks.

It is an honor to become an Edeltian. It is a granted privilege that can and will be removed if you’re unworthy.

Though promotions seem daunting, the reward of training the next generation of Edeltians is priceless.

Glory to Edeltia!
Written by: kroxon
Proofread: High Command


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