Edge Bevel - Easily bevel the edges & corners of parts!

About the plugin:

This plugin lets you quickly bevel the edge of parts, and it does so with pure CFrame math - without using any unions!

(Highlighting an edge to bevel)

(Three kinds of bevels applied on all sides of parts)

How do you use it?
  1. Select any edge & its complimentary corner shape from the menu, then pick a radius & click “Start Edge Bevel”
  1. Then, hover your mouse over a part (the shape much be set to “Block”!) and highlight any edge you want like so:

  2. Simply click to confirm the bevel. After that, feel free to bevel any other edge, or try one that connects to your existing bevel to create a corner bevel!

All of the current available edge & corner shapes

A short video showcasing how the plugin works:

Here’s the plugin itself. Note that the price may change over time, however since this took me dozens of hours to script (math is hard!!) I would like to be compensated for my work fairly. Enjoy the plugin!



Plugin is good, but assuming how roblox changed their pricing - this is not what cost it’s money. Easier to use 2-3 pre-made meshes tbh.
+ small question - do you use PluginWidgets or menu consumes viewport space?

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Thanks for your comment. $4.99 is the minimum option I can set it to (without making it free, sadly can’t make it any cheaper)

I also think the point is that it saves you tons of time, simply clicking any edge without having to get a mesh, duplicate the part two times, rescale the part, move the mesh, match all the properties manually (the plugin does that automatically!) etc…

I really do think that my plugin is worth it for that reason, because the time saved has been pretty massive while I was working on a build and needed this feature. And yes, it uses PluginWIdgets, I just popped it out in the screenshots to show the UI inside the game viewport as well.


aw… i hate roblox

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Maybe it is easier to do so on a few part manually, but with this cutting-edge technology (please laugh), you can do this to multiple parts in less time.


I’ve uploaded a video showcasing how the plugin works, and updated the post with the link as well.


looks great, I think it’d be useful if the bevel parts were grouped or parented to the part

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They get parented to the same parent as the original part (e.g. if it was inside a model), but I could perhaps add a setting to make it automatically create a model?

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yeah I think that would be a good addition, I’d imagine things quickly become clunky in your explorer if you have a lot of beveled parts

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Got it! Sounds like a nice feature, I will add that in

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V1.2.2 is out now!

Added a setting called “Create Model”

  • When turned on, if the target part is not part of a model, the plugin will automatically create a new one & parent all of the bevel parts to it.
  • This setting will be on by default!


I really wish Roblox gave plugin devs an option to buy their plugin with Robux AND currency.

This is negatively affecting developers and the devs who make the plugins themselves.