Edge Flickering

So basically everytime I overlap to blocks, the borders are now flickering, this didn’t use to happen. It has been an irritating thing to find, I am aware than when you occupy the same area with two bricks, the occupied area will flicker, well this goes beyond that so that the border can’t be decided between the two bricks. It’s as though the flickering effect got more sensitive to the point where bricks that are in slightly different areas now flicker.

  1. This happens 100% of the tip
  2. Get two wedges, make a 135* angle with the bricks (not with the slants, but with the flat parts against the ground) be sure to have the slants be going into each other. Walk around it and you will notice a flickering effect where the 2 slants meet
  3. It happens in my current project, I am trying to keep the general public away from it until it’s done, so if you want access to it just PM my alt account (I apologize for having one, I made it when my main account was wrongfully deleted for a few days) Reyoc, and send an FR, then just visit the game and head towards the more developed 1/8 of the coast
  4. Not really level specific, or maybe I’m misunderstanding the question
  5. Posting a Picture
  6. My graphics card is “NVIDIA GeForce GT 220”
  7. I first noticed this bug maybe 1-2 weeks ago.
  8. If this was a graphics update, would it be an option to undo it, because this just broke one day and I did not make any changes to it.

Thank You