Edgewater Hotels & Resorts | Handbook

Welcome to Edgewater Hotels & Resorts

Edgewater Hotels is an up-and-coming ROBLOX virtual hotel. Our staff is here to provide you a smooth and easy experience when joining any of our group games. We also are always hiring staff and welcoming new faces to the team. If you are interested in working here check out our application center.

What you will find in this handbook

  1. Ban appeals
  2. Promotion Guidelines
  3. Group Expectations
  4. Guides
  5. Admin Abuse
Ban Appeals

Ban appeals cannot be done in ROBLOX and need to be done in our communications server, join our communications server through the group links in our discord server.

Promotion Guidelines

Promotions are given out in various ways, here are how they are given out.

  1. Boosting our communications server. (Comes with perks + promotion (if applicable))
  2. Hard work/Dedication.
  3. Buying a rank.
Group Expectations

These rules should be followed by all users.

  1. No trolling.
  2. No exploiting.
  3. No raiding.
  4. No impersonation of staff.
  5. No excessive caps. (Full sentence all caps.)
  6. Use common sense.
  7. No loopholes.
  8. Have fun :))))

Are guides can be found in our communications server, to join go to social links in our group.

Admin abuse

These commands may be considered abuse without proper use.

  • Fly/Unfly
  • Kick (no reason)
  • Ban/Pban (no reason)
  • Btools
  • Jump
  • WS/speed
  • Crash
  • Admin/Mod/Superadmin
  • And any other potentially abusive command.

If you are not sure if a command is abusive ask a SHR!

Most other information can be found in our communications server which is located in group links in our group!

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