[Edit] Ban system (Like blocking) should be added

[strike]Blocking someone should ban them from your places [/strike] (Old)

A ban system on the site should be added, like blocking, that stops people joining your games.
This will shut down/Slow down exploiters.


I feel like the point of blocking someone is to simply block communication to them, not ban them from your games.

It would be cool though if there was a method for scripts to access blocked users for the creator. Then you could script in such a thing really easily.

We still do need a way to prevent people from hitting the Play button altogether.

Also, clients should have 0 control over TeleportService. As of right now, they have control over where they can go in universes because of this, so restricting access via a lobby place isn’t a viable solution.

You’d think the server would be the only thing in control of that, wouldn’t you?

There’s no API set up to handle blocked users in games yet. Some time in the distant future they’re planning on making it so that by blocking a user, you won’t be able to see their chat in games. At that point, there will most likely be one, which amongst many other things you can handle preventing a blocked user from entering your games with a simple script.

Over the top. If roblox added this I would be so mad.

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Why, are you the type of person who pisses tons of people off and gets blocked?

It would irritate me masses if this was in place, if I ban somebody because they’re sending me a lot of messages, then I will block them, but this doesn’t mean I do not want them in my game. In my opinion it would be a hindrance, plus it’s entirely scriptable already.

I do think that there should be a way to reliably keep players (including any alternate accounts they have) out of our games. I think this is what the suggestion is getting at.

We’ve already asked for a way to identify players and their alts (via salted IPs, hashes, etc.) but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. What we need is a system that will detect these players for us and make sure they can’t join our games.

The problem isn’t keeping specific accounts out of our games, but specific people. Some people already have dozens of accounts that they can quickly log into and then wreak more havoc at a place that they were just banned from. And if they run out of alternate accounts, they’ll just make a new one.

There’s still the system person build servers are using.

If we only had the “ban” table option on all our games, no matter type of game.
It would fix some of theese problems.