Edit CoreGui/Change Menu Icon

I want to change the Roblox menu icon (image) to match the GUI I am making, is there any way to move it, change the icon or to edit CoreGui?

I have tried a few different methods, including creating a new frame and moving that to CoreGui with a script, another being creating a ScreenGui in StarterGui with a higher DisplayOrder than the roblox icon.

Editing the icon by using a script to go into the folder is also not the solution because of permission levels.

From my knowledge there’s no way to get rid of that roblox sign as to change core guis you need to use a built in function and there’s no function that is capable of changing that sign, trust me I’ve tried myself as well

Thanks, I guess I will just have to give it a nice place in the GUI

You can’t remove or edit the Core Roblox icon but you can add others.

How to add other icons such as custom buttons to do other functions?