Edit GamePass price from a script

This is obviously done with HTTPService, but how? Bot account? My account? There’s an API for that? Thanks for any help.

i think there are bot accounts that are run by a script coded in different languages like JavaScript (I believe?)

then you would use httpservice to run commands with those.

i can’t give you much of an explanation on how to set it up, that’s just my basic knowledge of it

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I think this is not possible because you need account permission to edit the gamepass and i dont think scripts can log in to your account

this could technically be bypassed by making the bot account create the gamepass, and scripts can log in with the security token cookie of the account.

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But I cannot use that GamePass for the game. I will try to learn these things, thanks.

does that mean that the game isn’t in a group, but it’s on your account? In that case you would have to let the script log into your account, and as far as i can remember you should avoid that. groups are your best friend for that.

Sadly, no group games. Thanks, anyway.

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