Edit layered clothing with AvatarEditorService


When layered clothing was first released, I found that they didn’t fit my avatar properly; they were either too big or too small.

Then I discovered that we could modify the puffiness of clothing using the Roblox API. However, it was annoying to manually copy and paste scripts into my browser every time I wanted to change my avatar.

So, I created a game that allows users to modify the order and puffiness of clothing and save modifications to their Roblox avatars using AvatarEditorService.

Here’s how the game looks:

Here are some demonstrations:

Changing puffiness:

Changing order:

Loading outfits:

Update: You can now change dynamic heads, eyebrows, eyelashes, and mood animations.

This feature allows you to create head/mood combinations that the Roblox website/app doesn’t allow to make.
Plus, in my opinion, some heads don’t match their animations.

For example, you can combine these items (from different bundles) to create a more unique head:

Chill Head + Lindsey - Mood =

Here’s the game link if you’d like to try it out: avatar_lc - Roblox.


I’d love to give the game a try but for some reason it’s private.

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You can play it now :sweat_smile:

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Can you uncopylock this game, so we can inspect the code? I’m curious how you actually did this!

I updated the game and you can now wear mood animations, eyelashes, eyebrows and switch dynamic heads

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