Edit Roblox Place | A CLI for easy opening of Roblox Studio

A Lundstrong Technologies Open Source Product

Edit Roblox Place

A powerful, interactive CLI (Command Line Interface) to help you open Roblox Studio places.


I created this library due to the frustration of having to go into studio, select the group/shared with me, select the place, and waiting for it to open. It’s such a slow process not designed for the user. I created a CLI inspired by a version written in Rust. (https://github.com/rojo-rbx/edit-roblox-place) I built on that to provide more features including interactivity and favorite places. edit-roblox-place provides the ability to set your favourite places and open by a placeID, while also being beautiful and easy to use…

Getting Started


You must have node installed if you are installing through npm. It must be at least version 10.

Reccomended Installation

Use the package manager npm to install edit-roblox-place.

npm install edit-roblox-place --global

Other Installation

Binaries are avaliable for versions 1.1.2 and above. To download them, go to the release page, and download the version for your operating system. You can then use it as a command line argument (Example: ./edit-roblox-place --help)

Or add it to your path in windows, mac and linux. With more information provided here for mac users.
It is suggested to use node, but if you have added edit-roblox-place to your path, it will work like the node version.


edit-roblox-place has been designed to be very similar, keeping close to its inspiration, but providing more features including interactivity and favourites.

Usage: edit-roblox-place [options]

  -v, --version                                output the version number
  -p, --place <id>                             place id to open
  -f, --favourite <name>                       favourite to use
  -c, --config [create | list | add | remove]  open the interactive config wizard. You can skip this by appending -p & -f options if you wish. Append list to list the current config. Append create to create the config file, if you did not create it at install.
  -h, --help                                   display help for command


(forgive me for using command prompt!)



None at the moment. If you have any ideas please let us know on the discord or open an issue!


We love contributions! Pull requests are warmly welcomed and highly appriciated. For major changes, please open an issue first or discuss on the discord to let us know what you would like to change.


Join the Lundstrong Discord. A channel is there for support.


Share your source code with us, so we can verify that its not bogus

Why would you revive this topic for such a bad reason? Just by going to the npm website can lead you to their source code. If you can’t do something like that clearly the developer isn’t the bogus one here.


I also haven’t updated this in three years (July 2021); but as @9h60 said you can see the source code at GitHub - sasial-dev/Edit-Roblox-Place.

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What, did you even read? He listed the original repo above:
You can also find out about it under your node directory or venv when you install it.

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