Edit text in a local script help*

Hello i have the number 1.35999999999
i want to make the number into 1.35 (clear all the numbers after the first 3 numbers
the above is an example of a simplified version of my overall issue.

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Depends on if you want to use the rounded version for only displaying on the screen or if you want to it use in any other parts of your code

If it’s just for display you can do string.format("%.2f", number) where number is your number, this will only display up till the first 2 decimals

If you’re planning on using it for other parts of your code, multiply it by 100, floor it and divide by 100 again

math.floor(number * 100) / 100

it removes the dot in numbers like 1.359999 and would be just
135 which is not desirable at all

i tried this and it rounded the numbers up to the ones place.
for example it would turn 1.3599 into 1 but i want it to turn 1.3599 into 1.35 not 1

by the way the number is always going to be 1 digit in my case

(im making a timer that goes to 2 and im using a for loop to count up miliseconds but its addings lots of extra things for some reason so ill just edit the extra stuff out)


for i=2,0,-0.1 do
			local edittedI = tonumber(string.format("%2.f", i))
			One.TextLabel.Text = tostring(edittedI) 

(current code rounds 1.35 to just 1)

I think you meant to do

tonumber(string.format("%.2f", number))

Though this causes rounding, so if @OP has 1.356577, it becomes 1.36, I think the solution @OP needs is this

math.floor(number * 100) / 100

As this won’t round the number, though not sure how he got 135, I think they forgot to divide by 100 afterwards?


You seem to only be using it for displaying, in that case can’t

local edittedI = tonumber(string.format("%2.f", i))
One.TextLabel.Text = tostring(edittedI) 


One.TextLabel.Text = string.format("%.2f", i)

I am not sure where 1.35 is coming from in that code, your for loop decrements in intervals of 0.1

That’s not really Roblox’s fault, it’s a fault with how decimal precision is when doing any decimal arithmetic sometimes

it’s roblox being gay. They want to be quirky with adding an extra 0.00000001 to my interval of 0.1 for loops

math.floor(number * 100) / 100

works though

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