Edit the pastebin raw

does anyone know how can i edit the pastebin? using this API? cause it flooded my pastebin list. Like how can i detect if the pastebin already exist and i could just edit it? and yes i read that i could just delete it but I’m not sure what the API must delete so i don’t know. Also I’m not good at using API so I don’t know how to do it. Thanks!

to know if it already exist:

Pastebin API:

also error in the Pastebin API:
it’s working so i don’t think we don’t need to fix this error, my problem of editing the raw instead.

I further search for more details to know how to edit pastebin with api but sadly it said you can’t edit pastebin using an api

See here:
edit pastebin post - ComputerCraft | Programmable Computers for Minecraft.

Paste editing isn’t handled by an issued HTTP request.

The work-around would be to delete the existing paste and upload a new one.