Editable* assets proposed asset-privacy limitations impacts many valid use-cases

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to plan out early concepts using the EditableImages / EditableMeshes beta-feature given the quite scary “Asset Edit Permissions” which have been proposed in the topic:

This feature appears to have been designed with the implication that every developer will wish to publish their outputted asset; and if that were the only possible use of Editable* assets, this would be a fair restriction as publishing someone else’s work (or unauthorised edits of such) shouldn’t be permitted. However, even a simple glance at the replies in the topic shows a very different story in where many developers are designing their features around use cases which do not require the ability to publish, many of which wouldn’t even benefit from such a publishing feature.

Despite this, the proposed asset privacy rules require ‘edit’ access in order to generate an Editable* and specifically also call out marketplace avatar assets as non-editable. This is problematic for any users who wish to use Editable* assets for visual effects relating to player characters. Despite having no intent to ever publish the end result, such developers are unable to carry out their intended effect. Ideally, developers should be permitted to load in any asset, which is viewable in their experience and only permitted to publish assets which they have edit access to.

While it could be argued that a user could copy the Editable* to another Editable* and then publish, this could already be done regardless by manually entering the mesh / image data or using an API of some form to grab the mesh / image info. The DMCA system and any other IP / moderation related services should be able to help with these cases.

As of currently with the proposed asset-privacy limitations, any use-case related to player avatars (and many other use-cases) would be near-impossible despite the fact that player-avatars are heavily encouraged to be usable in experiences, being the default option. This makes visual effects related to characters very difficult to pull off in their intended vision.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my development experience because I would be better able to make use of this powerful feature in many more immersive use cases especially those related to player avatars.