Editing a script in TeamCreate causes the Place tab to render funky

After opening about 2 scripts while in TeamCreate, my render window decided to render polka dots.

1.) Open teamcreate
2.) Open 2 scripts
3.) spend a few minutes in one of the scripts
4.) go back to the render tab

Repro steps mean that you’re able to produce the bug more or less 100% of the time with those steps. Is that the case here, or is it just something that happened once?

Happening every time I look script in teamcreate for a few minutes (5+) then switch back to the render tab (the tab that you see Workspace in), I get polka dots.

  • What OS are you on?
  • What version of Studio are you using?
  • Do you have any other processes running?
  • Does this happen with an empty baseplate following the same steps?

1.) 10 win
2.) Latest version
3.) Steam, roblox studio, groove music player, google chrome and somtimes the ROBLOX player, however studio is on a separate monitor by itself. (I use extended display)
4.) The teamcreate place is only a baseplate + scripts in StarterPlayer and ServerScriptService.

I’m not seeing any issues on Win 10 specifically. What monitors do you have and what graphics card are you using?

Monitor(s), built in LED monitor of the Alienware Mk17 and Acer (dunno model number, its LCD and about 4-5 years old, this is not the monitor the bug occurs in)
Graphics card: Nvidia 660 GTX

So this issue doesn’t happen on the Acer monitor, but does on the Alienware one?