Editing Chat Tags & Chat Bubble Background

Hey everyone, I’ve got a few questions in relation to chat.

I am currently working on making custom chat tags for my game’s staff team. Currently I have a chat tag set up, as well as a custom chat color set up. This tag is for Admins, and is meant to show the difference of them compared to other player’s of the game.

Here are my questions.

  • How can I make a chat tag appear as bold?
    I would like the “ADMIN” tag to appear as bold, but using the rich text markup code “” does not achieve this.

  • How can I make the chat bubble background for only admins black?
    I would like for when a staff member speaks their chat bubble and associated UI “Voice Chat Mic Icon” to be black. This should only be for staff members and not for everyone in the game.

I would appreciate any ideas or links to resources. Thanks!

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Assuming you’re using TextChatService, you actually are able to make your tag bold through rich text by using <b> (worked in Studio at least). Here’s a rough example of how to use it:

TextChatMessageProperties.PrefixText = "<b><font color='#"..color:ToHex().."'>"..text.."</font></b>"

<font weight="heavy"></font> also works but <b> seems easier in my opinion. There’s also a useful guide on rich text on Roblox here.

Unfortunately to my knowledge, there currently doesn’t seem to be an official way to customize the bubble chat for specific players, at least on TextChatService, so you will have to wait for Roblox to release support for per-player bubble chat customization.

A possible workaround to the bubble chat problem though is that you could try to copy the BubbleChat script in the legacy chat and rewrite some of the code to integrate it with TextChatService, but I haven’t tried this yet and it might be complicated. I wouldn’t say this is worth doing since an easier method will be released later anyway.

If you are asking about the legacy chat though, let me know and I’ll try to answer that too.

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