Editing old meshes

I don’t do too much building, but a few years ago, I decided to make some custom shapes to help me, such as half cylinder, pyramid, half sphere, etc…

At that time I didn’t even think about the uv maps or anything.

So, I thought I would go back and redo some of those custom meshes.

My question is, is there a way to have the new version of the mesh (where I fixed the uv) be able to overwrite and replace the original mesh I had created a few years back?



How many MeshParts are you talking about?
You could use the search at the top of your place’s Explorer window easily enough if you named the MeshPart’s something easy to find, then just click the ‘file’ image next to the MeshId Property and select it from your computer file.
The size, colour, and Position would remain the same.

have you tried looking for a replace object or a replace mesh plugin?

I didn’t make myself clear apparently. I am talking about replacing the uploaded version. So that instead of having two uploaded meshes (one old, and one revised one) I only have one uploaded mesh (the revised one that replaced the old one)

nope! I don’t think so!!! it would be lovely if that was the case!! (if I’m wrong please tell me, like dm me fr)

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