Editing Pictures/GFX - Photoshop for Dummies - Advanced tutorial

Hello, are you new to Photoshop? Do you want to learn how to edit like a expert? Then here you are, this is a tutorial for advanced people, that is why it is called Photoshop for dummies.

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  • YouTube Thumbnail for Dummies

Do you want to create amazing thumbnail like your favourite YouTubers?? Follow these steps:

Step 1: Select File → New then make sure this is same as the following:image
After that press OK.
You do not like the white background because it seems so basic, so why not change it? Take a screenshot from the ROBLOX game/Catch funny or great moments or simply find some cool background from the internet.
When you got the correct picture go to File → Place… and find the picture. After you found it, if its size is to small, make it bigger using Shift and pulling it. The picture should look like this for an example:

Now let’s start editing. Find a good font. You can insert text by clicking T on the left bar.

After you clicked it, press anywhere on your screen and type like for example: Broken Bones 4 NEW!!!

If you want to make it 3D then do the following:

Press CTRL+ J (It will duplicate the text)
Move the Copy layer under the original one. (It will make it appear behind the original one)
Right Click the copy layer and select Blending Options…
Select Color Overlay and click it.
Change color to your opinion by clicking the black square.
Press CTRL + T (It will make you able to move the text)
Hold Shift and use arrow keys to put the text in a better position.
Example of the position left:

Great! You made your first step! Now you can add ROBLOX logo and do the same thing.

Lets now blur the background and not blur our character, should we?
You will be using the pen tool as it is best for cutting objects.

Zoom in and select your character precised. You can curve selections by holding left click and moving your mouse but I recommend doing it only by clicking everything to select.
When you selected everything with the pen tool, it should look like this:
I did not cut it most precised as I could cause this is just for the tutorial.
Make selection with 0 feathers.
Select the layer you want to blur, go to Filter → Blur… → Gaussian Blur… then select how much you want it to blur. If you did it correctly it would look like this:

Now you can add strokes to your character.
Woah that looks cool! Indeed! Now you can like add some arrows to it and make them 3D

Now this is more clickable!

This is our final product, sorry if I added like my name and tag to it incase some of you copy it.

I hope you guys learned something new, if you need help of anything or if you don’t understand a part of what I said contact me on:
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