Editing Roblox's Lua Draggers?

I am currently trying to add / rewrite code of Roblox’s new Lua Draggers, and according to their thread on it, it states it is open-source and is modifiable.
I’ve got the source through Roblox → Versions → version-X → BuiltInPlugins → BetaBuild → RotateDragger.rbxm, but I can only view the source. I cannot run it due to lacking permissions (only through command bar), and attempting to replace RotateDragger.rbxm with my own version of it would just error due to a failure of verifying the plugin.
How would I edit the source and also be able to test it?


Couldn’t you just use studio mod manager to modify things like this?

“Runs and installs in a separate directory, 100% independent of Roblox Studio’s bootstrapper.”
Therefore, I believe you’d be able to modify files without any interference with the actual roblox studio.

If this is the case, report this to the thread.

There’s nothing in there allowing me to modify them? unsure what you’re talking about.

You can decompile the plugin and then take it apart to suit your needs. If you do this you will still need to credit the creator of the plugin. (Roblox) and do not attempt to claim all of it as your own work.

But you can take plugins apart and access the scripts.

I’m unsure what you’re talking about - I want to edit not just for my personal preferences, but because a lot of people like differing designs, especially considering how good Unity’s draggers look IMO.

I already have the source, but Roblox verifies whether the plugin has been modified internally so I can’t do anything; which is strange considering that said you can edit them?

Well if you have the script then copy it into a new one. Chances are its a sort of locked script that prevents edits.

Check it for certain scripts that will check the script to ensure it hasn’t been changed.
So long as the main content of the script is all there it wont pose a problem.

Look out for anything that checks the scripts id or version.
Look out for anything relating to the scripts source.

Ive looked up briefly but there’s something called :GetHash(). Im unsure of if plugins can access this but id look for it anyway.

Roblox’s dragger uses functions that only Roblox’s plugins can use (GetEngineFeature for example), so can’t copy the src and make my own plugin sadly.

I guess that closes things up then doesnt it?

Shame tho, gl.