Edit/Obtain the default Health bar?

Hey, and thanks for reading in advance.

I’m looking to create a custom UI element that looks identical to the default HP bar sans a change in color - it’s going to represent Armor, and will be placed directly beneath the standard health bar. Is there a way I can edit in a copy of the default HP bar or obtain the image used for it?

Sorry if this is a dumb question, but I did some digging and came up short.


Well, the best thing you can do I think is hide the default health bar, and replace it with a billboardgui on top and recreate the standard health bar, and place the armor bar underneath the recreation.

You could publish a feature request to add the ability of inserting additional health bars as well as customization properties for the default one; I can see how other people would benefit from that.

Digging around /content for a while, I can’t find any image of the health bar. It’s probably made of Frames, then.
I think your best option right now is to make a lookalike. Or set the default health bar to AlwaysOff and design your own.

Be sure to separate health/armor bar drawing logic from anything else and only expose e.g. :SetValue() to set the percentage of the bar, so that you only have to change one script when ROBLOX decides to change the health bar’s look.

Edit: I tinkered around a bit and got something really close to the original health bar.

hpbar5.png (148 B)
armored_figure.rbxm (11.3 KB)
Open the location of your Roblox Studio or Roblox Player Launcher. You should be sent to a folder named versions.
Open the version folder that was modified last and contains the Studio.
Put hpbar5.png in the content folder of the version.
Put armored_figure.rbxm in your place. (If you do this before adding the image to content, then you’ll need to rename the image or restart Studio to get it to appear)
Change Figure.Head.BillboardGui.Frame.Frame.Size.X.Scale to whatever percentage of armor your Humanoid is at.
If you’re satisfied, upload the image; if it’s only in your local folder, then no-one else will see it online.

The hard part was figuring out that the background of the bar is both transparent and gray.