Educational Templates

There is currently no educational templates or category for these. I reccomend another category next to Theme and Gameplay, which should be labled “Education”.

This will be useful because it will not group the educational experiences with experiences that do not meet that similar criteria, “Racing”, for example.

One of these templates could be titled “Classroom”, and will be a classroom missing desks, chairs, and other objects, which the players have to either build from scratch or move into position, kinda like the “Starting Place” template.

This will give the students knowledge of how to use basic Studio tools in building their future games.


I agree with your post. Roblox always is wanting educational “Experiences”/games, but has not given a lot of studio resources. Like you mentioned some templates would be a nice start for a hopeful increase in educational content. However despite this, it seems that they have removed the different labels in studio.