Education's Search Should Not Return Foreign Articles; 這不是英文。

When I’m using the search bar in Roblox Education, I shouldn’t get foreign results; When I search in English I don’t want non-English results.

For example, Searching RGB will return Simplified Chinese on the first page:

Then Korean:

And then finally English, but then showing German:

Before showing Japanese, and Article titled in both French and Japanese but having an English body, then Korean again and then Traditional Chinese:

And after all that just mixes all languages together on the next pages. It’s incredibly frustrating when the selected language:


Does absolutely nothing in your searches. I have to scroll through almost 5x as many articles that aren’t in the desired language. It doesn’t make any sense.

TL;DR: When I’m searching for articles in the Education website, it shouldn’t return articles not matching my selected language.

Thank you.


Thanks for reporting this! Definitely not intended, so we’ll have a look at what’s going on here :slight_smile: