Effects on kill

How can I improve the effects on death?
I want to make it more satisfying.
I have not messed with sound yet.
The face decal changes to a random death face.
A blood particle goes off for a moment.
Then a ghost spawns as the body parts turn neon and fade away.


I removed the neon as it was working with humanoid NPCs, but not the beasts I created out of meshparts. I will post when I have more sound processing done. I also changed the blood particle to a more refined one, using attachments inside the torso instead of the torso itself.

Add Knockback, shockwaves, Better animations, Knockforward (Basically launch you forward when you attack.) and add better hit effects, such as decals on the hit. Also make the blood particle be where you HIT the enemy. About the Effect on kill, I would suggest you to remove the ghost decal, it dont look very good ya know. If you want do a soul - like Effect, I would clone the Character and add a body velocity to make the soul fly and tween its transparency. Hope this helps you! :sweat_smile:


Honestly, I did not know it didn’t look good. I tend to not notice things in video games that look bad and only focus on the game play mechanics. I need serious critical feedback like this to make a good looking game. I appreciate it. The beginner weapons only have 1 animation, a basic attack, and as you get better weapons, you get better combos. Since it is the first impression players will get, I will make a few random attack animations for each starter weapon for more variance, but not more power until you get the upgrades. I will look into the body velocity stuff asap.

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I have been working on this for hours and I can’t seem to get it to work right.

Used a BodyVelocity and changed the upward force. Sometimes it gets stuck though.
I tried adding BodyAngulerVelocity and a BodyGyro to get some rotation, but it would keep going crazy no matter how I set it. What should be cancollide on the character and its clone?

Any other tips on how to make it work better?

I guess I’m trying to get it to rise up and slowly tilt back 90 degrees like laying on it’s back. I tried changing the Torso orientation and I tried the humanoidrootpart. I also tried it with breakjoints on and off. I just can’t figure out how to make it look/work better.