Efficient Way to Unfriend

As a standard Roblox user, I’ve been made aware that unfriending mass amounts of people on the platform is a loathing process.

I am proposing that Roblox re-introduces the option to quickly unfriend friends:

According to the image above, unfollowing individuals is made quick and easy. At one point, you were able to unfriend players in the same manner, but…


That feature was taken away some months ago, I have no idea why, if someone can inform me in regards to the premise of the action to take it away, that’d be great.

Due to this, people are forced to individually go to the user’s profile, and hit “unfriend.” If you have 200 friends “purging” your friend list can be a real pain:

This is also problematic to me as a YouTuber and popular streamer on the Twitch platform, I like to add viewers that are loyal and consistently come to my streams. I can pull up testimonials of several YouTubers and Twitch streamers alike, if needed, and they will agree that this long process of unfriending not only deters them from clearing their friends list if full, but also deters us from befriending our viewers in the first place.

I shall also note that this doesn’t directly support development whatsoever. I just saw an opportunity to recommend a course of action to make the Roblox website a more user-friendly base for everyone.

Thank you.

Edit: Misspelled “recommend”


had to open up every friend’s profile and manually (get it, lol) delete over 120 the other day

rip fingers


Poor Aragnok what did he ever do…

On a separate, more relevant note to the request, yes.


I will refer you to:

Viewers come and go, just like friends, it could take an individual months before [insert gender identity here] realizes that they should do a “spring cleaning” of their friend’s list.

I will also note that not everyone is like you. Which is why I refer to people as an “individual,” to make sure that, whoever this may relate to, knows everyone is unique, and has different ways of going about certain things.

While you may have only ever unfriended 4-5 people, not everyone keeps their friends list on such a strict setting. I’m thinking about the entire Roblox platform, including the 64 million monthly active users.


Being on here since 2008, I do agree I haven’t unfriended as much as I friend. However, coming from an era where we had unlimited friends to now a limit of 200 … support. Followers are followers, friends are special. You should have ease of control for it, just as followers have. Especially when you actually give friends special permissions cause you know … Friends?


I guess, but I don’t see this as an issue

There’s a reason why friend list is limited, and using it to reward your viewers versus actually considering yourself friends is strange use case.

We have the following/follower system to quickly follow, and unfollow users and give them more permissions than the average joe.

That’s probably why I haven’t has to remove many people.

But that’s just my opinion.

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I respect your opinion <3


Thanks, I respect yours also

Everyone uses the system different.

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I agree, you should unfriend @Aragnok

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I’d like to start cleansing my friends list easier


I miss having unlimited friends. Does anyone know why Roblox capped it to 200?


It’s so that friend-related API/queries have concise results and are efficient to execute. Imagine having to calculate the result of GetFriendsOnline when every player can have thousands of friends.

(Also I recommend opening a new topic about this if you want more details, since it’s a little off-topic w.r.t. the request here.)


Although this would be a lovely core feature, there already exists as a chrome add-on that does this.


I don’t think a majority of the Roblox user-base will use or trust a google extension. I hardly do. Also, correct me if I’m wrong, Roblox doesn’t promote extensions anymore due to security reasons.

It’d be much easier to just have it be made into a core feature, like it USED to be. Plus, not every Roblox user plays through a chrome browser, some use windows 10, some use IE, etc.

EDIT: When I say Windows 10, I’m referring to the app.


Thank you!


You know I still love you, Arag.

But seriously, will there be a staff post to note that this thread was reviewed and sent to the web team?

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Do you usually hear feedback from Roblox staff if this was checked or if this suggestion was sent over to the web developers?

Sometimes the Development Team will make contact on threads. Sometimes they don’t. We really never know if our feature requests truly work or not.

  1. Information

  • Currently, it is complicated to clear your friends list by clicking on each player’s profile and unfriending them manually. It would make the process of unfriended a large number of people easier if you could select the people that you would like to unfriend.

  • For example, lets say I would like to unfriend 10/30 people on my friends list, I would Select the 10 people that I would like to unfriend and I would click the unfriend button which would be located somewhere on the friends list page after selecting 2+ players.

  • Image Example

(I didn’t inspect the -5 following, it broke at some point)