Egg | Easy Generic Guns

Just updated Egg! Enjoy using the new features!

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,rbxl file coming ? U had breakfast!

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Ill put up the rblx file in a couple hours


thanks, is the .rbxl out now? its been 3days? Looking forward to it!

It should be… DevForum has been acting annoying and it isn’t letting me edit this post? I’ll reach back once it’s out :sad:
Super sorry!

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Hello, I’ve just found this and I am wondering, which one should I use? should I use JGSv0.4 or Egg?

Egg. Egg is just a rebrand, and JGS is the old version! (Btw, check the credits of the gun system :wink:)

I read that, I just didn’t know which one I should use, thank you!

“Creating the Egg Discord”

where is the link, I can’t find it.

Here’s the link to the discord for people who don’t have it :smile:


zooming with the scope doesn’t change your mouse sensitivity even though that was the intent.

to fix this on line 358, turn

UIS.MouseDeltaSensitivity = 0.5 / game:GetService("UserGameSettings").MouseSensitivity


UIS.MouseDeltaSensitivity = UIS.MouseDeltaSensitivity / ("input your value here, I choose 4)

this fixes the problem and still keeps all of the features of the original code intent, if you change your sensitivity in setting the speed also changes

Do I have to make the animations for Small, Pistol, and Rifle myself? Because the animations provided don’t play, also the viewmodel doesn’t show up, do I have to make my own?

The animations are being wierd… I’ll fix that…
Other than that, you enable viewmodelarms in the settings.

The marketplace link goes to a lower version then what you say is released.

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Found this maybe it will help
Eggv0.4.2b - Creator Store (

turns out i was using the outdated version too

Umm, I tried that one out also before and it did not seem to do anything other then error out non stop in output

I already let the creator know in a private dm

How’s the plugin going?


Horrible :sad: errors everywhere!
Don’t worry, it’s my first time making a plugin, but with enough practice, I’ll have it done.


im told my friend about this gun pack and he is gonna use it in his upcoming game

thats great to hear! Tell him to put photos of the game into the discord!