Where I've been, and the future for Easy Generic Guns

Hi there everyone.
I wanted to start by apologizing, because I left and didn’t really open the DevForum for a while (like, 4 months.)

I’m here to answer questions, and concerns, but here are some that I’ll answer now.

Why did you stop?

I stopped because I got super burnt out, and lost all interest in working on EGG. There was too much IRL stuff I was dealing with to continue.

Can I still use Egg

Yes. You can find the latest model on my models page.
Remember- don’t use models from the toolbox unless you are SURE there are no backdoors. Otherwise, just take the time to find the model on my page.

Will you start more updates soon?

Kinda. About 2 weeks ago I started on a new version of EGG.
Here is a sneek peak

There are a couple new things obviously, such as the REAL Viewmodels I added, plus the animated parts on the gun.

I have more questions!

Leave them in the reply section below, and I’ll answer.

Here’s the past page if you still need it.


Old Egg PageMarketplace

Egg v0.4.2

Huge thanks to these people below ❤️
Inconcinnity - Explaining how to set up my DevForum Page
killnminecraft - Creating the Egg Discord
zach_poopooo - Giving me a list of what to add for future updates, and being my No1 Fan
You guys are awesome!

Update Log

  • Eggv0.4.2b released!
  • crouchEnabled added!
  • - Enabling this lets you crouch, reducing your recoil and camerashake by 50%!
  • dynamicCrosshairModule added!
  • cameraShakeModule and cameraintensity added!
  • - This enables the EZCameraShake module, and the intensity modifier lets you change how strong it is!
  • Fixed 12 bugs
  • No optimization fixes ):
  • Eggv0.4.1b released!
  • scopezoom setting fixed
  • teamGun setting fixed
  • Fixed mouse icon reload bug
  • Plugin is gonna be delayed. Multiple errors revolving around animations and UI
  • AnimationTransparencyModifier setting added
  • - This determines what the transparency of the magazine is during weapon reloads! It is incredibly useful when it comes to making custom animations that use Motor6D's instead of welds.
  • teamGun setting added
  • hitSFX setting added
  • scoped setting added
  • scopezoom setting added
  • Plugin in testing - will be releasing on 2/27/24
  • Brand new forum page! I took Inspiration from the BloodEngine page!

Update Archive

Beta Versions

JGSv0.1b – 12/20/23
JGSv0.2b – 12/25/23
JGSv0.2bUP – 12/25/23
JGSv0.3b – 12/26/23
JGSv0.3.2b – 12/30/23
Eggv0.3.2.5b – 12/30/23
Eggv0.4b – 2/25/24
Eggv0.4.1b – 2/27/24

Official Versions

Egg is still in beta.

What is Egg?


In the beginning, Egg was actually called J. J began as a simple project I started programming and coming up with in my bedroom. I thought about how stupidly hard it was to make guns for games on Roblox, and was fed up with having to reprogram all my guns by going into the thousand-line local scripts, and editing every single minute detail. I decided I had enough, and created myself a tool called “J.” J was never intended to reach the public, as I didn’t feel like it. My brother and I used J to create tons of games with each-other during the summer after he tore his ACL, and it was effective. During December of 2023, I was like- “Y’know what, I bet with could be helpful for other people!” I began recreating J, and I changed the name to JGS, which you all commonly know “Egg” as. I released the first version of JGS to the public on 12/20/23, and called it a day. I woke up the next morning to see a lot of views and comments- some critical, and some enthusiastic. I was like, “holy shit, people actually are using this,” and began working on the second version- the rest is history.

How does Egg work?

Egg works very simply- you model a gun, drag the Egg tool into the gun, and change the settings.
That’s literally it.
Egg was created as a tool to make making guns extremely easy- to the point where it can take up to 2 minutes to create 1 gun. Other gun kits, such as FE, take a lot of time to make guns, whilst Egg removes this value drastically. Of course FE has much higher quality guns, but if you are looking to make simple games, really fast, and really easy, then use Egg.

How to use Egg

This tutorial is for Eggv0.4b and higher.
Step 1

After inserting Egg into the workspace, we need to create your gun.
Egg requires different parts of the gun to have different names and organization, and I will show you how to set these guns up.
First, create the gun. It should have 3 parts,

  • The body
  • The Magazine
  • The Handle
  • The Shootpart.
First, we will create the body.
Next, we will create the magazine.
Now, we will create the shootpart and handle.
Group everything, except for the handle.
Now name everything like I have:
Finally, create a part called "Bullet," and put it inside serverstorage. Make sure you adjust the properties so that cancollide is off, and anchored is on.
Step 2

This part is relatively simple. It’s just moving things into the right spot.

Drag everything, and put it inside the tool.
Create a weld for each part- make sure you set the Part0 to the handle, and the Part1 to the welded part. Put these welds under the handle.
Final Step

Now we can edit the settings in the gun. This is super easy- open the settings script inside the tool, and change the values to what the comments say.

And bam! You have now created a gun using Egg! Enjoy!


:egg: :rofl:
ok, i wan’t to say give me the full changelog, please when I found out it’s impossible to do so, so I’ll just ask why :egg:?

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Well, after a long wait it’s finally here! And I think a rebrand was really needed and “egg” :egg: is perfect


I found egg to make more sense then jgs :sweat_smile: Easy, Generic, Guns > Jimmy’s Gun System


Request Comp

  1. Rename “body” to “Body” for more consistency.
  2. IDK gotta wait for plugin release lel.
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In the source code for Egg, you can see that there are two variables for each part of the gun. The CamalCase variables have different meanings, therefore the editor object names stay Uppercase


Hey! I really like the work that’s being done here. I think it’s cool that there is a resource that helps people with little to no experience with making weapons! I have personally been messing around with the model and trying to make it fit well with my potential game. I have encountered some issues that I am not sure are caused from me or there is a bug with the model itself.

When I reload the weapon, the crosshair gets reset to the regular Roblox cursor. I could just always put the cursor as the crosshair but I just wanted to mention that if it was an issue with the model itself.

Another issue I have encountered is when you set the value of “teamGun” to true, it does not kill the other players on the team but when a player tries to kill another humanoid in the workspace (i.e zombie) the bullet trail stays there and it comes up with an error on line 71 on the server script in the model.

The bullet trails


When I set the value to false like it was originally, then it works perfectly fine.

Otherwise everything else is great! I really like the simplicity and how customizable it is. Keep up the great work Jim! :smiley:


Thank you! I will look into fixing the TeamGun problem :ohmy: Also, I think I know what I did wrong in the reloadscript that messes up the crosshair. Anyways, thanks for the feedback!

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Also if any of you are wondering, the image above is a character from the game “Snow War.” It used Egg, so I was like “lets make the banner have Snow War on it!”


Hi again! Just fixed everything. I’ll be releasing Eggv0.4.1b tonight! :wink:


Can’t wait!

30 Minimum Characters.


Welp it just released! I fixed a lot of the bugs!



Is there a .rbxl or editable example place with examples and a dummy to nail?

Can you send the links to the games u have made with this so we can play them ?


wow this seems like a very nice gun system. simple but cool.


Dont care about the guns, wheres the promised cooked eggs


Yes! You can check out Deagle and AK-47 on my roblox profile. You can also test out the JgS game. They let you test the lates versions and how they work.

(This was typed on phone so expct mistakes)

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2 eggs, 4 slices of cheese avacado, and toast + salt and pepper equals best breakfast


I’ll take an order to go please .

Is your demo example opened sourced ?

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i forgot to do that :sob:

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The open source or my breakfast order , also for the breakfast order, eggs over easy i like them runny, plus a side order of bacon with brown sugar sprinkled on top while cooking

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