Egg | Easy Generic Guns

Is there an updated product link?

yes- i will fix that. The updated version can be found on my models page

still waiting for update, hope it comes out soon :expressionless:

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What devices does EGG support?

Has anyone used this in a game? If so what type of guns have you built? Snipers? Shotguns? Rockets ?

Also can you make testing game that is editable with the latest version?

Also is this only R6?


this is pretty cool for ranged weapons, does it support motor6D?
also i followed the setup but i always get errors just by importing and testing.

JGSv0.4 is of lesser quality of Egg because it is outdated. Egg has new features, such as new crosshair settings, game settings, and animation settings. I would stick to JGS if you find it easier, but Egg is much better, considering there are a lot more features.

Egg only supports pc :sad: I will work on this!
I believe a couple of people have, but i forgot.
The system supports snipers, burst weapons, auto weapons, semi-auto weapons, and knifes.
There is a testing game with every single version of JGS and Egg :+1:
It is only R6 because i dont comply with roblox r15 propaganda! (Just kidding, im just too lazy to animate in r15)

The errors are probably from the animations. Sadly, roblox is annoying, so i cant put animations on the gun, so you’ll need to migrate them. Also, i think it does support motor6d. I tested it a long time ago, and i keep all the old gun code active, so i think this works/

Hi arctic. I’ve kinda lost the fun in working on Egg :sad: but I will get back into it! I have completed the plugin, which is nice, I’m just having trouble designing the gui now haha. The is much more to come, as i am adding an option for projectile or hitscan, because some people don’t like hitscan. I was also inactive a lot because my dog died, and I had a TON of exams due over the last couple of month of school /: so i was super occupied.

That is sad. Just know that I’m not gonna pressure you and you don’t have to do something that you don’t want to.

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