Egg Hunt 2020 Egg: 'FabergEgg of the New Decade' awarded twice


Upon completing the egg hunt and collecting all of the 49 eggs you were supposed to get the fabergé egg ‘FabergEgg of the New Decade’ within the couple weeks after the event ending.

I decided to open my inventory today and found out that I just received the hat. The only problem here is that it seems that I was awarded two copies of the same hat instead of one.

This is not just happening for me, I have seen a couple others who have also been affected too.
This does not happen for everyone who has been awarded the egg.

Very likely related is the fact that I also received two messages from Roblox on the matter with slight deviations:

Here’s my inventory:!/accessories

I believe another person who is affected goes by the username of ‘h_unt’.

Somebody who wasn’t affected:!/accessories

Is this somehow intentional behavior or a bug? I thought you’re not meant to have more than one copy of a hat unless if it’s a Limited/LimitedU.


I also received the same glitch, I have 2 of them in my inventory and was confused as to how I was awarded 2 of the same item. I didn’t check my messages or anything, but when the egghunt was over I checked my inventory and saw the same egg duplicated.


I received the message a few times, but so far only got one egg.

I don’t think you are an isolated case, Fwiw.


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That happens on May 5th from @MouseyCherie and other users. I don’t know why.

Image Proof





I’m having the same issues as of you do. But if I’m not mistaking these are given out by hand so sometimes the Admins might hand over more than one. The only reason I say that is because it’s taking so long for them to show up in our inventories. I believe they’re doing this to stop any flaw in the system that might give out more then one but as you can see this is still the case even by hand.

Edit: To back this theory up I’ve checked how many eggs (2) and how many messages I got (3). But I’m assuming I earned the 2 eggs from the last 2 messages. For some reason there’s a 4 minute separation in the last two messages while the first 2 have no separation greater than 1 minute. Kinda strange but backs up my theory even more. :thinking:


Hmmmm… Interesting. Does that mean all the admins have to take back some of them all by hand?

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I don’t know if this will be fixed. It doesn’t harm anyone and it’s a one-time only thing. Would just take up engineering time for the sake of having things neat.


Honestly, I agree with you. There really isn’t a point in fixing it because it doesn’t harm anyone’s gameplay.

I would wear both of them at once to be super cool.

No you couldn’t wear both of them at once, you can only wear one of them
here’s the proof:


Use the advanced tab and paste in the id’s of each hat

I will try that, but what is the difference of wearing them both, they won’t be on top of each other or glitching. I think.

It would be interesting to have someone wear the same of 1 hat ingame but twice.

I realized(I don’t know how) they have the same ID so would it affect it?

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It only shows one FaberEgg

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