Eggcellent Discoveries | Multi-Experience Egghunt 2023

Welcome developers, it’s early March but Easter is right around the corner and I bet it will come very quickly so that’s why I’m posting this today. Roblox cancelled official egghunts a while ago now, and now it’s up to the community to keep it going, but instead of having just one user-made egghunt game, we decided it might be more fun having multiple experiences participate. Players love egghunts and so we couldn’t miss it out this year.

Before we can get this egghunt started though, we need to hunt for experiences, we are looking for experiences to take part in this egghunt. But what are the requirements? Your experience doesn’t have to be super popular, as long as it has more than 10 concurrent players. We thought it would be a good idea to get small/underrated experiences noticed through this egghunt. So if you have a fun experience, message me @Wildcutepenguin. This could be a great opportunity for you to get your experience noticed!

Unfortunately, I doubt Roblox will let us upload accessories and give them out to players for free, so players are probably just going to have to get badges. If you have any ideas for anything else we could give the players you can reply below and tell us.

What would I need to set up?

After you’ve submitted your experience and we’ve accepted it, you just have to set up something that players have to do to receive the badge, it can be as easy or as difficult as you want, as long as it isn’t impossible. Just a word of warning though, if the players are only going to get badges they might not be bothered to play your experience if it’s too difficult. More details will be provided if your experience is accepted into the egghunt or if you contact me.

There is also going to be a hub where players can see how many badges they have already and they will also be able to teleport to your experience from there.

Why should I participate?

Having your experience in this event will allow more people to find out about your experience and players will have a badge on their profile from your experience.

Additional Information

I’m going to create a gear that shows how many badges the player currently has, you won’t be required to have it in your experience, but it’ll be there as an option and they’ll be able to see their badges in the hub anyway.

It would be great to know how many people would be willing to have their experience in this egghunt and soon so we have enough time to get ready. The starting date of the egghunt will be announced in an upcoming post for the general community. I had to create this post quite quickly because I realised that April is next month so please tell me anything you think I missed.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this egghunt, you can message me privately or reply below. I am setting up the hub as we speak and will share some photos of how everything will look including the portal to your game.


  • Q: Can I submit a showcase?
    A: It depends really, if it’s interactive then probably, but if it’s just visuals then it’s probably better to go with a different experience.

  • Ask us some questions!

Sneak Peaks (of the hub)