EgoMoose Gravity with Custom Imported Character

Hi, i want to use EgoMoose’ Gravity script using my custom imported character, how could i go about doing just that??

It works just fine with the normal avatar but not with a custom one

Could it be to do with how the character is made/built up of. I have never used EgoMoose Gravity script before so I don’t know but that is what by best guess would be.

Or something to do with gravity or something.

the thing is, my character does have different parts to the normal avatar, but i’ve looked into the script and there’s nothing it requires that my character doesnt have

Mind sending the script in here so I can have a look at it?

Also a pic of how ur character is layed out.

theres multiple of them and its really extensive though, should i send it all anyways??

i think its better if you took a look at the actual thing, heres the gravity controlller

and heres how my character is layed out
Captura de Pantalla 2021-08-06 a la(s) 20.21.37