EH2017 Bunny Hat Errors on every game

I have a debug feed setup on my discord to help nail down all the bugs that are happening to make it run better, but errors like these are unneeded and are cluttering the feed. I would add this to my blacklist but as you can see it’s just called ‘Script’. I don’t want to make a whitelist and for every script I create or modify have to add it to my own.

The script in the ears has been removed from the ears as of yesterday, as it’s no longer needed with the egg hunt closed. You will not receive any more errors.


Appreciate it! :slight_smile:

You might also want to take a look at these:

These also still have scripts. The bunny ears cause a similar require error, and the egg causes errors in certain situations because it has a touched event connected to it.

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I’m quite skeptic as to why the decision of putting a script into a hat for something as simple as speed boosts for a very specific game was made.

There are a bunch of hats (Telamon’s Chicken hat, tbadam’s smoky tophat etc.) that have scripts, which makes for troublesome problems when working with animations on dummy characters, error logging (like in this thread), and other cases where some random gimmick breaks expected behavior, as ~99% of all hats don’t have scripts.

On a future note, what’s the likelihood of new hats that have scripts in them? Is it really something that developers needs to account for, in order to remove those random scripts (which possibly runs and breaks in live games before we can manage to destroy them) and make use of the raw hat visuals?

Yeah, we don’t want errors from hats because they’ll run rampant in thousands of games… I’m going to see what I can do about getting all broken script hats updated, hold tight! The ones listed above should no longer throw irritating errors.


i beg you, please do not remove the egg’s emission

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