Elasticity not working on vehicle collision?

Hey guys,

I’m currently trying to prevent the car bouncing off things when colliding with other objects. I’ve tried making every single part of the car to have no elasticity, but it still bounces. I also tried to use a custom hit box (encapsulate the car with a rectangle part that acts as the collider) and turning the elasticity off, but it still bounces. Any way to solve this?

Note: I am using the A-chassis.

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Hi @cbmaximillian,

I am also making a car with A-chassis, but so far only my wheels are colliding, so the players can walk through the car and cars get entangled with each other and colliders in the environment.
In the Body I only have meshes to visualize the car.
Where do I put the colliders? …which are bouncing for you.

Do you make a hull out of parts that roughly encapsulate the vehicle and put them in the Body also?
What parameters do you set for them? can collide, massless, etc?

Thanks in advance for sharing what you have figured out.

To make them less bouncy you could try giving them 0 Elasticity in the CustomPhysicsProperties and a high ElasticityWeight.
Read about why here: https://developer.roblox.com/en-us/api-reference/datatype/PhysicalProperties

So this seems to work as I imagined:
I made the rough hull of the vehicle from parts and put them into the Body.
I have set their CollisionGroupId to 1 as if left at the default 0 the car would not run as they are intersecting the wheels which are in the same collisionGroupID.

@cbmaximillian, please note the CustomPhysicsProperties. The vehicle does not bounce off walls at all with a low Elasticity and higher ElasticityWeight.
I can also make it bounce by setting these “incorrectly”. So this works nicely.

One interesting thing is that the player is able to walk through the car (and sit into the vehicleSeat) when approaching it from the side, but will climb onto the vehicle when approaching it from the back or front, where the collider is lower. Also in case I jump onto the car, the player can walk on the vehicle, all over it, does not sit into the VehicleSeat.
I am not sure why this happens as the player has CollisionGroupID 0.
Any idea, explanation?

Is this the way to do the collision hull for a vehicle, or should I do it another way?
Maybe use more parts and build a cage?
In that case the player would be able to jump over the car and sit into the Vehicle Seat from there also, but with a cage, I guess vehicles could get entangled into each other or other track colliders.