Electric Arcs Effect

I made something similar to this a year ago but never made an actual API for it. This is really cool!
I also like how yours is OOP based.

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zap (the image uploading wouldnt work so i had to use gfycat :slightly_frowning_face:)

i combined clonetrooper’s classic build tools, this snippet of code i got from sircfenner, and this module!

i don’t know how to make the webm smaller im new to this formatting stuff, but after uploading it seems fine anyways lol


What? How did I not see this? I only caught this after checking my Twitter account and seeing a retweet by Roblox. Wow.

Bookmarked. This is brilliant. If anyone knows how to use the platform to make some mind-blowing tools, it’s gotta be build. And open source too!? That’s great.

Thanks for sharing.


The “lightning generator” in the basement Physics classroom of Misfits High uses the same underlying code, but instead of CFraming neon parts, I am animating Attachments, which are connected like connect-the-dots using Beams (with light emission):


Might use this in my game’s campaign for special effects! It looks AWESOME!

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I tried this out, it’s a clever idea, but it seems like there is a maximum cap on how many Beams can be on screen at once before it starts culling them. So if you would have multiple of these on-screen, they would have gaps or stop being visible entirely, it would only work as long as you have a few of these with a restricted amount of segments:


You could consider switching over to this module and just tweak the Constants.lua file to make it appear the same as what you have here for an easy bit of performance gain. (and you get free auto-throttling for performance for low-end devices)

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Updated with functionality to set arc thickness (and some extra options in Constants to ensure you can fully customize how fatness of arcs is calculated):

(the arcs on the left have a fatnessMultiplier = 0.5)

Added code example and new version of model/place to the first post here and on Github.


Will DEFINITELY be using this, Thanks!

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I so deeply appreciate these awesome open-source scripts. Not only are they of great use as they save up a lot of time, they also serve as examples or scripts you can learn from and learn new things. This is cool, very cool :slight_smile:


This is where the fun begins.


Yeah, there is a cap. IIRC it’s not on the number of beams on screen, but rather how many can be updated per renderstep. And I think beams and trails share the same limitation.

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Those look amazing; would be useful for some kind of energy generator or lighting strike.

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This is awesome! Can’t wait to use it in games! :grinning:

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Definitely bookmarking this and using it for a current project. Thanks for sharing!

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21:18:42.267 - ReplicatedStorage.Arc.System:23: attempt to index field ‘LocalPlayer’ (a nil value)

21:18:42.268 - Stack Begin

21:18:42.268 - Script ‘ReplicatedStorage.Arc.System’, Line 23

21:18:42.269 - Stack End

Why do I get this error?

Require the module on the client. You’ll need to replicate the arcs to other clients yourself.


Got it.

Looks awesome! Thanks for releasing this!


This module is great, I just have one problem with it. The imagehandleadorments only appear on one side. https://gyazo.com/d3c1d5fc0259831bdc5db7713f6ca90b Is there a way I can fix this?

Can you attach a repro file please?