Electric Arcs Effect

Wait, I did a little research and I found out why it’s only on one side. In this article: https://developer.roblox.com/en-us/api-reference/class/ImageHandleAdornment Theres a bar that says “ImageHandleAdorments are only interactive if they are in a player’s PlayerGui or CoreGui”. I made the Arc Module a little different so that the parts wouldn’t be local. Instead of a ScreenGui being the superfolder, it’s just another folder in the workspace. I get it now. Because it’s not local, the imagehandleadorments don’t face the camera. How would I implement your module so it edits all arcs to every PlayerGui existing?

This is a client-sided module. You would need to have another module on top that broadcasts all the values from the server to the clients, and then the clients recreate the arcs locally using this module.

This is outside of the scope of this module, so use #help-and-feedback:scripting-support if you need further help. It’s off-topic here.

I haven’t thought of that… I’ll try it. Thanks for responding after a year!


I want to create like curve lightning with this, is that possible?

This is for arcs, not for lightning. The requirements and graphical results are very different between those.


Keep up the great work, can’t wait what will be done with it!

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how can i make the arc brighter?

Could someone teach me how to activate this? I opened it in the place file, and in build mode and run mode, nothing happens. There are just balls with no effect.

Edit: Found out you have to be in play mode.

This runs on the client, not on the server.


How would I go about increasing the angle of the bolts

The arcs go in a decently straight line and i want to change that a bit.

You can modify the relevant constants/math in the module to allow for greater offset from the center line.

Note that this module is for arcs between two points in a straight line. It cannot do actual curves easily, you probably want to find some other effect library for that if that’s what you need.

Is there way to show electric arcs effect in server and on other player client?
(click on the picture to see the gif)

Or is this module are old?

Effects are best played on the client. You need to build the replication yourself by either connecting the effect to the same positions/parts/attachments on each client or firing events with remote events when you need to spawn an effect.

This module does not include replication because it’s out of the scope of the module.

it is out of the scope of the module? what that mean or is it outdated?

Basically, You’ll have to make replication yourself, the module only provides the electric effects, its up to you to decide how to make the effects show for your players.

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Just because I intentionally did not implement a feature doesn’t make it “outdated”…

This module doesn’t include replication – do your own replication.

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Ah okay sorry :confused: I just thought this module is updated or not

Suppose I use it in my game, what credits do I have to write?

Have you read the license? https://github.com/buildthomas/ElectricArc/blob/master/LICENSE

You must retain copyright notices in the code itself.

In principle you do not have to write credit anywhere else (like experience description or some in-game UI), but you can if you want!

But who will see it from there?