Elevator and map for tds game

Hello,I don’t want a vote map, I want the map to come directly, so as in tds, when entering the game, there is a screen in the teleport elevator place, there is the name and image of the map on that screen, so for example, I will put my own map there and then that map will automatically come to the place of the game I teleported to. I want(so I want it to be like the teleport system in the tds game, do I have to open a new game one by one for each map or what are we going to do?)

You could probably approach this by getting all the server instances your game has access to, (or all the ones that players are in currently) and use these id’s for match making. You probably have to make multiple places that have different server limits so that the amount of people is the max for that server, thereby forcing roblox to create a new server.

So essentially you probably should teleport the player(s) into a server which matches the amount of people that are being teleported, forcing roblox to have a new server. Then have the server generate a map onto that.

(This is just a guideline)

Hmm okay, but the map chosen by the player normally appears on the map automatically in tds, how is that? that is, every time I create a new game and there is only 1 map in each and I throw them one by one into that mapin game, is that what it is?

The map that a person chooses is randomized in TDS, and when a player jumps into that elevator, they are teleported to that map. The server probably randomizes a map, sticks that map value into an elevator, loads a picture of that map, and once it teleports it sends the players into the same server with a value (Probably memory store service for quick matchmaking). That value is then retrieved by the other server for map loading.

So essentially, yes there is just one map in each server which the server loads in the correct one.

sorry for the late response…

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