Elevator platform sinks when player is on it

I have a simple elevator using a proximity prompt and a prismatic constraint. Everything works normally, but the elevator platforms sink whenever a player stands on it.

Any ideas on how to fix this? I’ve tried looking at properties of the constraint but couldn’t get it to work.


Does the elevator work with the Tween service? Or do you use BodyPosition or BodyGyro?


Neither I’m just using a prismatic constraint connected to 2 attachments that pulls the platform along the y-axis without any rotation.
I’ll send a picture if you need it whenever I go back on pc

Here’s the documentation I followed

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I’ve used PrismaticConstraints for my elevators but haven’t had this issue.
How much Mass is in your elevator? If it’s too heavy then it may be affecting how much the Prismatic can push.
Is there friction involved with Anchored parts that are touching your elevator? If so then when a player steps on the elevator it could shift it slightly.
Is your elevator script a LocalScript or a Script? It should be a server Script so that the controls affect the Prismatic on the Server, not just on the Client.

Set your ServoMaxForce to a really huge number.
Set your LinearResponsiveness to a higher number. I think 200 is max.

EDIT: I just read the tutorial. The ServoMaxForce of 10000 is ridiculously small. Set it to a million kajillion babillion.


Hi thanks for the suggestions. I was playing around with the properties you mentioned and nothing seemed to work. I ended up testing it published to roblox and it was working normally. Idk I guess it’s just a performance issue

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