Eligibility for UGC

Recently, I contacted Roblox support to check my eligibility for the UGC program, as, to be completely honest, I was a bit careless with my account before I got serious about modeling.

I asked them not to respond with a bot called something generic like Bob. They responded to me by sending a bot called Loki who blabbered on about DevEx. This response was generated due to the category of support I entered and was not at all based on my request.

My question is, how can I gauge whether I am eligible or not for UGC due to my moderation history?
I have been warned/banned a few times for curse words and was banned a singular time for scamming (which was a joke in a server consisting of friends). The scamming ban was only for 1 day.

If DevRel could reply that’d be awesome. Thanks.


that’s not possible, roblox will not accept anything like that, he thinks that you want just to get approved in the UGC Program at no time, means that’s just scamming, don’t support roblox about that.

you could apply for it here (not sure if that’s the correct link, though, never applied by myself so i wouldn’t know), but i don’t think there is a way to check if you’re “eligible” for UGC, they just say yes or no to your application /shrug



I have no idea what you just said.

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