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Eliminate is everything you could want in a scanner... and more! With its wide range of features and unparalleled spee-- I'll cut to the chase. Simply put, Eliminate is a feature-rich scanner plugin with much more than you'd expect from a regular scanner.

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Priority Levels

In Eliminate, there are somethings called "priority levels". For example, level 1 mean "off". Level 2 means "scan this, but don't prioritize it". Level 3, the highest level, means "scan this and prioritize it".

1 - Off
2 - Scan w/o priority
3 - Scan w/ priority

Choose Directory

Choosing a directory to scan decendants is an important but typically overlooked aspect of a scanner plugin. Fear not, as Eliminate has this!

Left Mouse Button - Click and then select an instance in the Explorer tab or viewport
Right Mouse Button - Reset to game.Workspace


To quarantine scripts means to place them in a designated folder where they cannot hurt any aspect of the game. Eliminate does exactly that! On plugin activiation for the first time, a folder in ServerStorage is created to hold the quarantined script(s). Once a script enters quarantine, it is immediately disabled.

Controls (For "Empty Quarantine" Button)
Left Mouse Button - Delete everything in quarantine (Sounds that have PlayOnRemove set to true (typically loud songs that come with viruses would have this) are immediately set to false and then deleted, preventing unnecessary eardrum explosions ;)

NOTE: You can create an boolean Attribute in a quarantined script called "dnd" or "DND" and the script will not be deleted when the quarantine is emptied.

Right Mouse Button - Return scripts/descendants to original places; if original parent does not exist, the new Parent is game.Workspace


The most important part! The actual scanning feature! Once clicked, the plugin will collect your preferences set earlier, like priority levels, and scan the chosen directory. You may notice that under a script in the output it says "Threat Level - [BLANK]". This is the threat level of a require in the script. Eliminate uses a system to fetch the Asset from the AssetId being required and determine a threat level based on it.

Left Mouse Button - Scan the directory chosen (defaults to game.Workspace)

Source Code

You can view the source code for Eliminate here.

Thanks for reading & have a wonderful day. Stay safe!

I would greatly appreciate additions for keywords, names, and snippets if you have any.
Keywords - Things like require, getfenv, etc
Names - Common virus script names
Snippets - Common virus comment snippets, like “do not delete” or “official roblox script”


This is a really good plugin but it’s now obsolete. Why?

Roblox Studio prints when the require function is fired, but that’s not all.
You can still load backdoors with LinkedSource and this script does not detect it.

So all I’m asking is to add LinkedSource detection. Thanks!

Also, add loadstring in the name and keyword detection.

Will do shortly, thanks for bringing this to my attention.

Eliminate v1.0.0

Eliminate has been updated with fresh new additions to the blacklists and a new “View Quarantine” button that allows you to see in the plugin UI which scripts were flagged and quarantined.

Make sure to update! If you notice anything broken, please DM me.

This plugin is no longer functional.

As expected, but could you elaborate?