Eliminating rotational air resistance

I have a double pendulum made up of 3 parts and 2 hinge constraints that is losing energy.

A thread I made last year suggests that Roblox only has air resistance for rotating bodies. Does anybody know how I can eliminate that?

Place file: Double pendulum.rbxl (21.1 KB)


@kleptonaut Is it possible we can be told if this still exists? Same issue occurs on vector force driven aircraft which rotating the plane for takeoff suddenly has a rapid loss of forward momentum. The additional air resistance seems to be coming from the same issue affecting above which if possible how can we toggle it off or counter it.

We have rotational damping but no air resistance.
So rotating bodies will slow down.
Linearly moving bodies should not.

We are looking into possibly removing this damping on angular motion.


I see so would this affect then lets say an aircraft tilting upwards on takeoff or is this just locked to anything using hinges. Thanks

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Would this allow users to create fully un-anchored plane bodies with only using angular velocities & hinges. Because right now Angular forces cause the entire body it is attached to move around. Is this the sort of rotational damping that you’re referring to? Yes, please get rid of this.

Please do! This is putting a serious damper (pun not intended) on simulating newtonian spaceflight mechanics. I also noticed that assemblies with a low angular velocity (about 0.04 rad/s) just stop dead, which is really jarring.

This has effect only on parts that are rotating, and it is very small on parts that are rotating slowly. So the effect is important on a spinning top (spinning fast), but not on an aircraft that’s tilting (spinning slowly).

The effect is unrelated to hinges.

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Yes we do have a system that puts parts or bodies to sleep when their motion is deemed slow. @kleptonaut Anything that can be done to prevent an assembly from sleep?

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Yea, the sleep threshold will also vary depending on the assembly’s size, but it’s also possible you’ve got a weird edge case. If you want you can send me the model and I can take a look

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Probably because I’m currently testing with a 4x1x2 part then - I’ll see if the issue persists with a larger model later and send you that if so.