Elroy County (Enhanced Roleplay)

Elroy County is a new roleplay game based in the Midwestern United States. The opportunities are endless as you are able to play as a civilian, police officer, firefighter, or whatever else you choose!

Why you should join:

:arrow_right: Game is updated regularly

:arrow_right: Authentic roleplay experience

:arrow_right: Plenty of leadership opportunities available

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Progress: 4/24/2021

Pretty much spent some time creating the parking lot that will go behind the car dealership. I have also started to lay out the car dealership and possible vehicle spawning locations.

I have not yet started furnishing the interiors of buildings. I am hoping to at least have most of the buildings interiors complete by tomorrow or Sunday.

The only things that still remain are essential scripts, road decorations (traffic signals, street lights, benches, etc.), and vehicles. I’m probably just gonna cook up a livery for the sheriff department and then over time have a professional livery designer rework the vehicles.

That’s all, thanks.

Update: 8/17/2021

Elroy County has officially entered it’s alpha testing phase. The game is now open and free to play. You can join by following clicking here.

Some of the new features include redesigned UI, new vehicles, and new houses. The new houses have fully enterable interiors as opposed to the old houses which were 1. two small 2. had no furnishing, interior color 3. poorly made overall.

Since I am the sole developer of this game, I am slowly making more of the houses ownable by players. As of right now, only two of the houses can be purchased/rented in-game.

In addition to all the previously aforementioned updates, I also created new dev products and game passes. In my opinion, they are fairly priced for what they offer. I do plan on having sales occasionally.

So yep, that is pretty much all. If you are looking for a fun role play experience, feel free to join the community. Staff positions are still open as well. Thank you, have a great day. :slightly_smiling_face: