Elseif Statement Indentation Issue

Hello there,

So, ever since the new script editor update, I have been getting problems with script indentation for elseif statements. I expect to indent only once after an elseif, but as it turns out, it indents twice. It looks like it only occurs inside elseif statements. It started happening ever since the new script editor update. The steps to reproduce this are in the video below:

Sorry for the potato quality, but you can see that the elseif statement indents twice instead of once.

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Hey, thanks for reporting issue with clear information! We are working on that and will fix it soon.


Hey GravityAccel, have you tried to type condition for “elseif”? ScriptEditor should indent when you give condition and press enter. For example: “elseif a then”

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Still getting the indent issue.

Sorry for the really late reply lol

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The extra tab appears on both elseif and else statements:


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Looks like it’s worse if you have both the elseif and else:


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