Elton John's Avatar not Rendering the Clothes' Textures

Reproduction Steps

  1. Open your Roblox application through any device;
  2. Go to the Avatar Shop and search for “Elton John”;
  3. Once having a list of accessories with the tag “Elton John”, locate the bundle named “Elton John - Troubador”.

Expected Behavior

I expected that, while searching for the bundle, it would show me a preview of what the character looks like before buying.

Actual Behavior
Essentially, after searching for the name and checking the preview icon, the clothes of the bundle are not rendering in regards to the mesh texture. Making to be grey overall:


Issue Area: Catalog Assets
Issue Type: Other
Impact: Low
Frequency: Constantly
Date First Experienced: 2023-01-07 00:16:25 (UTC-3)
Date Last Experienced: 2023-01-13 00:20:40 (UTC-3)


This bug only occurs if you are looking at just seeing the icon of the product. It will render normally once trying out the outfit.


We’ve filled a ticket into our internal database, and will come back as soon as we have updates!

Thanks for flagging!


this looks like it is rendering ok now


Nope, still remains the same without rendering:

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It’s rendering correctly for me now in 2D. Maybe try hard refreshing? This same issue happened to the Dominus Formidulosus thumbnail awhile back.

**Never mind, it just turned grey. It seems to be rendering incorrectly on the catalog and correctly on the item page. Item page:

I have tested in available devices + applications of mine, and all of them showcase the error as rendering the clothes as grey…

It’s mostly fixed, it’s just the 2D preview needs a refresh (as it’s still displaying the old non-rendering version)

Just double checked on two devices, and this bundle is now rendering correctly on the catalog!

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