Emaerois | Lithuanian Translator

I’m a native speaker of Lithuanian, and I have previously worked with amazing games such as Saber Simulator, Vehicle Tycoon and Treasure Hunt Islands! I’m 16 year old guy trying to make a change in ROBLOX community!


Some people might be curious about my career. A year ago. I applied to become a translator in a game for the first time, but I didn’t get accepted, then someone DMed me and asked “Do you want to be a translator in our team?”, at first I though it was a joke but then I realised it wasn’t. A few years passed, and my passion on translation is still growing. Lithuanian community isn’t a big one, we all know that and I’m not going to lie about it. Yet its incredible. Ever since I translated a game, a lot of Lithuanians started joini the game and the player count was bigger. Also the English fluency of Lithuanians is relatively low by comparing with neighbouring countries so it is possible for most of them not being able to understand the English contents in your game. Fact: There isn’t a lot lithuanian translators in the lithuanian community, so consider our rarity as the crown jewels of Elizabeth II.


Weekdays: 7-9 hours Weekends: At least 9 hours unless emergency situations from either Roblox or IRL, which you will be notified if it happens


My pricing rate: Game contents: 70R$/string (base on string length) Game title&description: 200R$ Game products: 80R$/item (including Item name&description) All prices are negotiable according to the situation! Unfortunately, I do not make use of paypal so paypal payments are not supported by my service.


If you wish to have further discussions over my service, please contact me through devforum PM, but I rarely check them. Besides from that, you can contact me through discord, my username is karpizzzzzz, which I check my messages occasionally!