Emerald Theatre | V5 Handbook

Emerald Theatre | V5 Handbook
Welcome to Emerald Theatre Information guide, here you can find information about the group, important Roblox links and much more. This guide is for Emerald Theatre V5 only!

What is Emerald Theatre?

Emerald Theatre is a group where people can WATCH and MAKE plays. Staff can also build the set for the play, control the technology for the play, build their very own styling booths, work in the cafe and much more! The possibilities are endless in Emerald Theatre!

Our group description:

‘Raising entertainment to another level!’

Here at Emerald Theatre, our job as virtual entertainers is to provide an audience with an impeccable experience for them to leave with joy. Our mission is to deliver a perfect performance made by our staff to allure our audience members into becoming one of our team. We tend to consider everyone who is in our group as a member of our family to display a positive atmosphere. As one of Roblox’s most competent theatre groups, we offer a wide variety of shows and events for everyone to be involved in. You’ll be astonished to see what we have on the line for you! Join Emerald Theatre today for one of your best experiences on this virtual platform.

Important Information

Game Rules
  1. Do not disrespect anyone.
  2. Do not spam in any way to flood the chat.
  3. Follow all Roblox guidelines
  4. As a staff member, please be professional around lower ranks.
  5. E-Bux cheating will result in a point blacklist.
  6. Exploiting is never permitted and you’ll be pbanned for it.
  7. You can use all capitals, but don’t use it in a rude way.
  8. Staff may only have one booth each.
  9. No F3X abusing, if you F3X abuse it’ll show up in F3X logs.
Warning System

Non staff
As a guest or audience, if you break any of our rules you’ll firstly be reminded, if you continue then you will recieve a warning, and 1 warning will result in a kick. If you come back to do anything wrong we will server ban you.

If you do anything major (such as exploit, mass spam or bypass the filter system) we will instantly ban you, exploiters will get permanently banned.

As a staff member, your warnings will be recorded by admin, and if you recieve a total of 3 warnings, you will lose your rank meaning you’ll have to apply and train again to recieve your rank again. If you decide to get demoted several times, we will blacklist you from our application system meaning you won’t be able to come back as a staff member.

If you do anything major (such as mass F3X abuse or any non staff major incidents) we will instantly demote you and blacklist depending on how severe the situation is.

How to work here

To work here at Emerald Theatre, there are a few steps we ask you to take before you become one, and this is so we don’t hire as many people who are willing to abuse and not be a successful staff member here.

Here are the steps:

  • Go to our Staff Application game and complete the quiz, if you get more than 3 questions incorrect you will fail and if you get less than 3 questions incorrect, you will be automatically ranked to Trainee.

  • Once you are a trainee, you’ll need to wait for one of our training sessions. Our session times are listed under “Training Times” in this Important Information category. We advise you to come about 5-10 minutes before incase the server locks and you get left behind.

  • When in a training session, you will need to ask what rank you wish to apply for, then you will need to listen to everything the host says which will give you information about being a staff member here, and after that you’ll be asked to go to to your training room where your rank host will cover all the information about your role.

  • If you successfully complete the training, the rank host will rank you to the rank you trained for, meaning you’ll be able to fully work as a staff member at V5! If you fail, you can always go to another session and try again until you pass!

  • Want to be promoted to MR? You must work hard and get noticed by a current MR, and if we have “MR Vacancies” happening, you will be notified! MR Vacancies is where we allow all staff members apply and train for MR all at once. If there are no MR Vacancies, just work hard and get noticed!

Training Times

Weekday Training Times: (Mon - Fri)
11:00 AM ET
1:00 PM ET
3:00 PM ET
5:00 PM ET
7:00 PM ET

Weekend Training Times: (Sat - Sun)
7:00 AM ET
10:00 AM ET
2:00 PM ET
5:00 PM ET
8:00 PM ET

Rank descriptions

Audience: An audience member is someone who has joined the group and has recieved that rank, they are able to do all the same things as guests (go to the theatre, watch plays etc…)

Noted Audience: A Noted Audience is either a former HR or an Affiliate Partner, they don’t get any special abilities, only the rank.

Trainee: A trainee is a member who has passed and completed the Staff Application quiz, and is now awaiting to be trained.

Theatrical Crew: Responsible for hosting plays and acting in plays. To host, you must add yourself to the host queue and pick actors for your play. To act, you must ask the host and the host may give you a role for the play.

Lobby Crew: Responsible for working in the cafe, greeting guests to make sure their Emerald Theatre experience is the best it can possibly be.

Technology Crew: Responsible for controlling the technology for the play. The technology includes lighting, music, special effects and opening the curtains when a play starts. We advise all Technology Crew’s to be creative and make sure the visual aspect is the best it can be.

Creative Crew: Responsible for building sets, building in booths, styling actors and being creative, you must have good F3X skills for this role as we use F3X building tools in almost everything here at Emerald Theatre. We do offer F3X classes!

Theatre Guard: Responsible for maintaining the general security of the theatre, such as making sure trollers dont overtake plays and good experiences for everyone.

Senior Crew Staff: This rank is the highest LR rank and can do all of the staff jobs above, they can also make sure staff members are behaving and guests are having a great experience. To achieve this rank, you must have at least 1000 E-Bux, then train for it or you can get it as a staff member in store.

Theatre Supervisor: This MR rank is for new MR’s who can supervise the theatre and train in training sessions, they cannot host.

Assistant Manager: This MR rank is a promotion from the rank above, and they can supervise, train and host, they can also rank at training.

General Manager: This MR rank can do all of the above, plus have a chance of becoming the last MR rank.

Administration Assistant: This last MR rank can do all the above, but they are sorted into “departments” (Human Resources or Public Relations) and they assist the High Ranks.

Public Relations Officer: This HR rank deals with affiliates and events. They plan events for Emerald Theatre and they also manage our affiliates announcements, representatives etc…

Human Resources Officer: This HR rank deals with MR promotions and MR robux they can get from doing training sessions etc…

Development Team: This is a rank for our current developers, this rank can edit all of our group games.

Vice President: This rank manages their department, HR’s and oversees their departments.

President: This rank manages the leadership team and oversees jobs to make sure they are doing it correctly.

Co Owner: This rank is for our 2nd owner, Nephere. He has done our GFX and manages the Presidential Team and above.

Owner: This rank is for me, ca_IIum. I founded this group in 2017 and I am glad to say I am so happy to have a group with such a great community.

Recipe Guide

Dough > Donut Oven > Flavouring

Dough > Muffin Oven > Flavouring

Cup > Coffee machine

Slushie cup > Slush flavour

Popcorn bag (Large, medium or small) > Popcorn machine

Affiliate Information

Want to ally with Emerald Theatre? There are a few guidelines and a short application we ask you to complete in order to become one!


  • Your group must have at least 15,000 members.
  • Your group must be active on a concurrent scale.
  • Your group cannot be a fan based group.
  • Your group must have at least 2 representatives to announce our events.
  • Your group must not troll or speak bad about our group.

Does your group meet those requirements? If so, please send this application to a Public Relations Officer:

  1. Link to your group?
  2. How many members does your group have?
  3. On average, how active is your group?
  4. How will your group benefit Emerald Theatre?
  5. Why should we ally?
  6. Do you agree to never speak badly about us or troll in any of our premesis?

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Thank you for having a look at our handbook! We hope the information we provided was helpful to you, and if you have any further questions don’t hesitate to give me a message and I will answer as soon as I can!