Emergency Exit Sign Model

I wanted to add more detail. How can I also make this better whilst also adding more detail in it?


I think thats enough detail for now, but if you must, add a little stickman walking beside the arrow.

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Are you using Surface Light here?

Looks pretty detailed but the light its probably too bright.


Amazing attention to detail, although, add a tiny man walking on the sign or beside the arrow.

Looks awesome! Try doing what @ralnbowdanfan8 said. Also, experiment with other colors (eg. red), I think it would look really awesome.

to be honest I think the detail on it is good as is. If you add too much detail the model just ends up looking weird.

Turn down the detail, focus on large-scale detail instead of smaller props. Makes the game look better all around. You overworked this sign, so much so that I like it a lot less than if you had removed the metal rim on the exit sign (use a reference, they don’t have that, or ANY metal on the green sign part, which needs to be slightly transparent) and just made it less detailed all around. Generally, there isn’t an arrow as well.


As much as I love this model, it’s gonna be TERRIBLE performance-wise. Maybe tone down the detail, as the model probably won’t be inspected very closely by players lol.

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No, surfacegui with brightness.

Meshes says hi.

When Geoff Marshall plays a Roblox train simulator:

Please don’t tell me you just used Export Selection and then re-imported it back into Roblox expecting better performance. Please don’t tell me you’ve fallen for THAT trick.

I’ve taken measurements. It does actually improve performance.

Some say it doesn’t, but that means you haven’t heard of Instancing.

I’m sorry but you get the same triangle count regardless if you use unions or a union exported to a mesh. You’re just getting bs information from someone who barely does any 3D Modelling at all, or from someone who never even made a proper game.

I myself have tested it. Even if it doesn’t save performance on client, at least it’s less painful than the slow moving of 600 instances from one place to another on move tool.

If it’s so problematic then why not union it? The result in performance is the same.


Ok, for real, you need to watch these videos:

You’re going back to ring 1 – which is “exporting unions to meshes is better”, you get no difference if you export a union as a mesh.


I actually export as parts. Unions easily worsen performance.

Unions suffer from memory usage, which is what is slowing everything down. Meshes have the same problem.

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