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This post includes information and updates about Emergency Hamburg.


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Latest Updates

V3.4.0 Anniversary Update

3 New Vehicles

  • Citizens: Stuttgart Royal Majestic Limousine
  • Truck Company: Stellar S100 Electric Truck
  • Fire Department: Feuerschild RT eHLF Truck

New Damage System
All different things that can receive damage now react properly to all sorts of damage, so:

  • You can open cash registers and vending machines by punching with fists, shooting, explosions, and baseball bats)
  • Glass windows can be broken
  • Security cameras can be broken by criminals
  • Bombs will explode when shot at, or when another bomb explodes nearby
  • Cars now get damaged by explosions
    … and much more!

New Fuel Station, Tool Shop, and Farm Shop Robberies
The cash registers now drop stacks of bills that have different values, reaching from 20€ to 500€.

  • Added a new building at the harbor where truck drivers can deliver goods.
  • Added a separate mobile button for arresting and healing players.

Minor Changes & Improvements:

  • Vehicle repair prices are now based on the amount of horsepower a car has, and go from 1.200€ to 5.000€.
  • Improved shift timeout UI.
  • Improved E to interact design.
  • Changed bus stop position at police station (and other small map changes).
  • Improved tow request UI so it doesn’t block the entire screen anymore.
  • Added flashlight button for guns on mobile.
  • Added equip cooldown for melee weapons to fix the re-equip trick.
  • Entrance roads to houses etc. now have dotted lines instead of a solid line.
  • Increased player starting money to 14k€.
  • While driving, the minimap will zoom out now.
  • Decreased bomb price.
  • Improved punch hit detection.
  • Improved Wolfsburg Karen model.
  • Improved bubble chat style.
  • Removed gears for electric vehicles.
  • Fixed bug with invisible doorknobs.
  • Fixed bug where money transfer did not work when a player left shortly after joining.
  • Fixed bug where punch damage could be multiplied when punching with a sniper/weapon.
  • Fixed a bug where a dealer waypoint was sometimes missing.
  • Fixed bug where stamina was still used even though the player didn’t move.
  • Improved navigation in the pedestrian zone.
  • The starting car (Wolfsburg Handel) for new players won’t always be green anymore.
  • Fixed a Bug where some large vehicles could be towed, causing the tow truck to bug.
  • Improved anti-cheat detections.
  • Improved traffic light pedestrian images.
V3.3.2 "The Hunt" Event: Preparation Update

  • Added new Avantismo RS4 for Police and Citizens.
  • Added temporary 20% XP Boost for Truck Drivers.
  • Prepared the game for the Roblox event “The Hunt: First Edition”. The event will be starting at 6 PM CET.

Changes & Improvements:

  • Improved popup, vehicle, shift, and tool UIs
  • Decreased hospital costs by 50%
  • Fixed bug where a train was not correctly on the rails
  • Fixed bug where firearm shoot/taser deploy sound was sometimes not played
  • Added 20 km/h zone at the bank park
  • Task rate limits (Also known as anti-XP farm) are now displayed in grey to make the system more transparent
  • Fixed vehicle spawns at the harbor
  • Fixed osso fuel station roof
V3.3.0 City and Buses Update

  • Added Stuttgart Coach Bus for Bus Drivers, Police, Emergency Doctors, and Fire Commander.

  • Added a new Pedestrian Zone in the City. Only job vehicles can enter by opening the barriers, or criminals can use an illegal Remote Control that can be bought at the Dealer. The zone includes a graveyard where people are buried if they die in-game.

  • Added Ability to sell Vehicles for 70% of their original price. Also added popups to confirm purchase/sell actions at the dealership to prevent accidental purchases.

  • Added Ferdinand 911 for very experienced Undercover/SEK Officers (120,000 XP).

  • Added a temporary 20% XP Boost for ADAC and Police.

  • Removed snow from Bergedorf.

Changes & Improvements:

  • Fixed Stuttgart E-Omnibus having no doors
  • Player health now saves across multiple game sessions
  • Fixed bug where vehicles would not drive and players needed to re-enter their car
  • Fixed generally weird game loading behavior and improved game performance
  • Fixed bug where players were not teleported properly into jail
  • Fixed bug where XP did not save when leaving the game
  • Added ability to redeem reward codes in the settings app
  • Players stay wanted for another 3 minutes when hit with a taser
  • The smuggler now offers 4 instead of 3 random items
  • Fixed some truck models having collision/visual issues
  • Fixed citizen quad brake lights activated when spawning
  • Improved inventory system and removed energy/cookie limit
  • Custom nametags on private servers now have a “~” in front
  • New SEK Phone Background
  • Added minimum account age of 3 days for money sending to prevent farming
  • Fixed old bus station spawn point
  • Decreased cash register loot on private servers
V3.2.0 Community Update

With many ideas from the community!

New Banking App by the Hamburg Bank

  • Send money to other players (in & outside of your current server)
  • See your recent transactions
  • Buy money

Articulated Buses

  • Added Stuttgart Omnibus Articulated (1400 XP)
  • Added Stuttgart E-Omnibus Articulated (1400 XP + Electric Vehicles Gamepass)

Train Stop Displays

  • Added displays at all train stations. They work similarly to bus displays.

Added Slide Bars at the Fire Department

  • You can now slide down to the vehicles if there is an emergency.

Changes & Improvements

  • Finally fixed the bug where an arrested person could move while being arrested.
  • Fixed visual bug where truck trailers were not connected.
  • Added Roblox Immersive Ads.
  • Improved prison yard and added a football field there.
  • Added new undercover police uniform.
  • Improved performance when loading new areas (content streaming).
  • Decreased prices of strawberry juice & apples.
  • The freecam on private servers now tries to load a small portion of the area when far away from the player.
  • Fixed bug where fire wouldn’t deal any damage.
  • Fixed bug where taxis could be locked.
  • Fixed robbery loot (Money, Cookies) glitching into the ground.
  • Added new road obstruction emergency variants.
  • Fixed bug where players could still punch with no stamina.
  • Fixed bug where dispatch messages were not translated.
  • Added a scrollbar in the help app if the content is too long.
  • Added backgrounds for police and fire department meeting rooms and other small map changes.
V3.1.0 Vehicles, Trains & Winter Update

  • Winter:
    The winter broke out! The countryside on the map (Bergedorf) is now covered in snow.

  • Train Services:
    The HB Regio train now stops at stations and allows passengers to enter. It stops near the jeweler, at the harbor, and in the new region at the passenger dock (Hamburg HafenCity). The train model of the intercity train (Which does not stop at the train stations) has also been improved.

  • New Vehicles:
    Added Falcon Traveller for Police and Citizens.
    Added Mauntley National GT for Citizens.

  • Settings App:
    Available Options (That save across sessions):
    Select Phone Background Image
    Enable/Disable Messenger Notifications
    Enable/Disable Background Music (Jeweler, Hospital, etc. Music)
    Enable/Disable Auto-starting car engine on drive inputs

  • Added a GUI to the taser displaying the time until the taser is recharged; Also decreased recharge time by 1.5 seconds.

  • Massive Performance Improvements to improve FPS count and memory usage.

Bugfixes and Improvements:

  • Navigation System Improvements: The navi now treats the large road differently and suggests U-Turns when necessary.
  • Prices at the farm store are now different on each server (Depending on the “supply” at the farm).
  • Destroying wheels now gives 3XP to police officers, also changed the required hits per tire from 8 to 7.
  • Bus Drivers now receive 7XP instead of 6XP per Stop.
  • Added warning lights to the tractor.
  • Traffic lights (when off) are now only flashing on the sides that have to yield for realism reasons.
  • Electric vehicle engines now start instantly.
  • Reduced player jump height for realism reasons.
  • Added gradient to phone background and other UI improvements.
  • Fixed bug where normal seats could make players invincible.
  • Fixed bug where smuggler selling/buying was not working.
  • Fixed bug where a railroad crossing would sometimes stay closed without reason after repair.

The map has been expanded by about 60%. The expansion includes:

  • New expressway where you can drive as fast as you want on most sections
  • New village (Hamburg Bergedorf)
  • Farm & Farm Shop where you can buy new powerful healing items (or rob)
  • New Osso Fuel Station next to the expressway
  • Passenger dock (Hamburg HafenCity)
  • Many country roads & fields, electrical cables and dirt roads
  • New Elbphilharmonie (Decoration)
  • New Train Route going parallel to the Expressway
  • Underground level at the City Parking Garage
  • Improved bank interior
  • Many new road signs
  • First winter decorations at the Reeperbahn


  • Added Tractor for citizens
  • Added Ferdinand Jalapeno for citizens
  • Added extra damage on headshots
  • Added 2 new trains with a much more realistic driving behavior
  • Added Apples and Strawberry juice consumables which are sold at the farm
  • Added route selection for bus driver job - you can drive on a rural or a city route
  • Added new fire locations and truck deliveries on the expanded map
  • Tires can now be shot with 8 hits - we will evaluate the impact of this feature and will decrease/increase the required hits in the future
  • Players cannot be shot/tased in closed vehicles anymore
  • Improved Map System with markings for dirt roads and larger size

Smaller changes:

  • Fixed trick where players could use interactables (e.g. enter vehicles) through walls
  • Updated loading screen music and phone background
  • Updated damage indicator for age-rating reasons
  • Fixed collecting gold/money through bank fences
  • Improved client performance to allow for the map expansion
  • Improved red-light detection at traffic lights
  • Fire department emergencies now happen more often
  • Added robbery timeouts when a server starts to prevent farming
V2.6.0 100 Million Visits Update

Thank you all so much for the 100,000,000 visits on our game!

  • Added randomly placed Speed Enforcement Trailers
    Removed 4 of the existing speed cameras and added 4 speed enforcement trailers that are placed randomly on each server.

  • Added Brazil Paradise G7 Bus
    The Brazil Paradise G7 double-decker bus has 18 seats and will replace the Viking 9700.

  • XP + Robbery Boost for the next 3 days
    You will receive 20% more XP, as well as 20% more money in bank or store robberies.

  • Heavily buffed Melee Weapons (Knifes, Baton and Bats)
    Increased melee damage by about 33% and shortened baseball bat / metal bat timeout

Bugfixes and Improvements:

  • Added sound when busses stop at bus stops
  • Added small leaves to the fallen tree emergencies for the fire department
  • Improved multiple things with the arrest system
  • Fixed a bug where people had really high arrest times
  • Fixed issues with unwanted game behavior on lag spikes
  • Fixed bug where players were not teleported into/out of jail
  • Fixed bug where radar guns could not be used on car
  • Fixed bug where reequipping the radar gun would reset the measure timeout
  • Sprinting is now deactivated if the player is not running
  • Deactivated chat translations
  • Added a small button for purchasing the prison release product
V2.5.0 Gameplay Update

  • Added Fire Department Road Obstruction Emergencies
    These Emergencies include Oil spills, lost truck load, and fallen trees. Road obstruction emergencies can happen anywhere on the road. You will need a Sandbag or a Chainsaw to clear them.

  • Bus Stop Displays
    Added a display to each bus stop. These displays will show how much time it takes for the next bus to come if there are any bus drivers.

  • Added Wolfsburg T6 for Citizens, Police and Paramedics

  • Stats in Item Stores
    You can now see the item stats for many items in the shops (Dealer, Smuggler, Team Lockers, etc.). They display information about the item like damage or hits per second.

Bugfixes and Improvements:

  • Renamed vehicles to fantasy names for legal reasons. We don’t like them either, but it’s the law. Thanks to ER:LC for allowing us to share the vehicle brand names with them, so users have an easier time remembering them.
  • Electric vehicles now have an “E” on the license plate which marks the vehicle as electric. Thanks to bybluev2 for the suggestion.
  • Improved feedback to emergency calls and notifications if the requested emergency service is not staffed.
  • Massive Performance Improvements regarding CPU Usage.
  • User Interface Improvements regarding Buttons, Textboxes, and Progress Bars mainly on mobile.
  • Gave criminals more time to escape Bank/Jeweler/Container Robbery before the Police is alerted.
  • Fixed bug where the police app would display “No Vehicle” while the player had a vehicle.
  • Increased Bus Company XP per stop from 5 to 6.
  • Fixed a bug where the clickable area for the wanted stars was too large.
  • Smugglers now don’t always offer bombs at all times anymore. They still have a chance of offering them, now at a discounted price.
  • Cops are now able to open the doors in the bank vault as well.
  • Fixed energy drinks refilling stamina without being consumed.
  • Fixed bug where you could unequip handcuffs without the criminal being released.
V2.4.0 Convertibles Gamepass & Vehicles Update

  • Added Convertible Vehicles Gamepass with 3 vehicles: BMW 1 Series Cabriolet (Free gamepass car), Mercedes AMG GT Roadster Citizen and Porsche 911 Cabriolet. These vehicles have detailed interiors, which allow you to cruise through the city in style.

  • The normal Porsche 911 has been remodeled to match the cabriolet version.

  • The first Bus, Isizu Citybus, has been replaced with a more detailed Mercedes Citaro.

  • The Volkswagen Passat has been remodeled and received a more modern look.

  • The police app has been improved. Police officers now see the crime “Illegal Item Posession” in the police app, along with the amount of illegal items a criminal has. Also, you can now view a players team in the police app.

Bugfixes and User Experience Improvements:

  • Broken tires now effect vehicle driving much more for more realism, and wheel smoke doesn’t show on broken tires anymore.
  • You can use the !bring all command in a private server now to bring all players to your current location.
  • Added a search bar to dealerships and item stores, e.g. you can use it to search for all “BMW” or “Mercedes” vehicles.
  • Fixed bug where players could take items like tasers out of shifts using good timing or an exploit.
  • Fixed bug where empty vehicles collided with invisible objects near gates or garages.
  • Potential fix for the bug regarding entering vehicles and not being able to drive.
  • Improved fire hose on mobile.
  • Improved gui scrollbar systems in all parts of the game.
  • Fixed small issue with task list on shift overview.
V2.3.0 Vehicle & Environment Update

  • Added 3 new vehicles to the game
    VW Amarok for Citizens, Police, and ADAC
    Mercedes AMG GLC for Citizens and Police
    Audi Q5 for Citizens, Police, Fire Commanders and Emergency Doctors
    Thanks to peachli for these contributions.

  • Added a new park (Lohsepark) to the map (Between the dealership and the train tracks).

  • Added dynamic clouds + wind system. The wind and clouds will change randomly from time to time.

  • Police can now confiscate robbery items from the store robbery and the vending machine robbery that the criminal hasn’t picked up, granting a small amount of xp. Thanks to daniksazava for the suggestion.

  • Added a 2-minute timeout after ending a shift, making it harder to restart the shift to save conduct points, or to rejoin after dying as a police officer to immediately return to the crime scene on the same server.

  • Added a custom freecam system for private server owners and moderators to film sequences, roleplay, or whatever. See the help app section on how it works.


  • FINALLY, fixed vehicle exiting and added designated vehicle exit positions for enhanced realism
  • Increased ADAC Payment to encourage higher team occupation (Please play as ADAC lol)
  • Added animation when transmitting in the police/fire/adac radio
  • Added ladder blocking at the bank’s secret exit
  • Fixed bug where car steering would not work / be really slow
  • Fixed trick to bypass team limit restrictions
  • Fixed players with slow internet being able to shoot multiple shots together (From the perspective of the other players)
  • Fixed Hands of downed characters reaching for door handles
  • Fixed “invincible car” trick/bug

Special thanks to our new developer Alexbruvv and to DTADW for the major scripting contributions to this update!

V2.2.0 Cargo Ship Robbery Update

  • New Cargo Ship + Container Robbery
    There is a new, detailed cargo ship in the harbor. The containers can be robbed, where you can find Snacks, Gold, or even Weapons.

  • Added Bugatti Chiron for 1 Million €
    This is the fastest vehicle in the game now. Also, it is the only vehicle featuring two different exterior colors.

  • Added BMW M5 for Police and Citizens
    This is now the fastest police vehicle in the game.

  • Undercover Police can now go undercover + Uniform Features
    A feature was added to toggle specific pieces of the uniform (Depending on the job) - the undercover police can take off the whole uniform. You can only be identified as a police officer if the other player is near you. Also: Added a respirator mask to the fire department.

  • Added Mercedes eCitaro for Bus Drivers with the “Electric Vehicles” Gamepass

  • Major changes to death mechanic
    Players are now still rewarded 50% of the rewards they would typically receive when ending their shift if they die, instead of nothing. Also, when being revived by a paramedic, players now have a 7-second timer where they cannot be wounded to prevent spawn camping. We will adjust this time based on your feedback.

  • Added Fire Emergencies in more Places, including the Fuel Stations and other places (Like in the V1).

  • Added Systems to prevent XP Farming
    Players will now receive no XP when completing a task too often, for example, by popping the same vehicle’s tires multiple times.

Other Changes:

  • Added Ladder Item for Special Operations Command
  • Hitting vehicles with guns now requires a simply wanted level of the criminal (No 4 Star / Armed)
  • Fixed private server bans sometimes not working correctly
  • Decreased Stop Stick XP
  • Increased max hospital bill and max vehicle repair price
  • The most wanted criminals are now at the top of the police app
  • Improved vehicle sounds with a generic air/rolling sound
  • Improved Chat for long messages, so you can see what you are writing
  • Improved Dealership + Item Store UI

Game Rules

Expand the rules
  1. Advertising in-game [Kick / Ban]
  2. Placing items (like tapes, cones or stop sticks) in an offensive way [Kick / Ban]
  3. Intentionally using game bugs [Kick / Ban]
  4. Impersonating a staff member [Ban]
  5. Bypassing a moderation action using an alternative account [Permanent Ban]
  6. Exploiting or cheating [Permanent Ban]

Note that our staff may moderate any other Roblox ToS violation.