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This post includes information and updates about Emergency Hamburg.

Latest Updates

V2.2.0 Cargo Ship Robbery Update

  • New Cargo Ship + Container Robbery
    There is a new, detailed cargo ship in the harbor. The containers can be robbed, where you can find Snacks, Gold, or even Weapons.

  • Added Bugatti Chiron for 1 Million €
    This is the fastest vehicle in the game now. Also, it is the only vehicle featuring two different exterior colors.

  • Added BMW M5 for Police and Citizens
    This is now the fastest police vehicle in the game.

  • Undercover Police can now go undercover + Uniform Features
    A feature was added to toggle specific pieces of the uniform (Depending on the job) - the undercover police can take off the whole uniform. You can only be identified as a police officer if the other player is near you. Also: Added a respirator mask to the fire department.

  • Added Mercedes eCitaro for Bus Drivers with the “Electric Vehicles” Gamepass

  • Major changes to death mechanic
    Players are now still rewarded 50% of the rewards they would typically receive when ending their shift if they die, instead of nothing. Also, when being revived by a paramedic, players now have a 7-second timer where they cannot be wounded to prevent spawn camping. We will adjust this time based on your feedback.

  • Added Fire Emergencies in more Places, including the Fuel Stations and other places (Like in the V1).

  • Added Systems to prevent XP Farming
    Players will now receive no XP when completing a task too often, for example, by popping the same vehicle’s tires multiple times.

Other Changes:

  • Added Ladder Item for Special Operations Command
  • Hitting vehicles with guns now requires a simply wanted level of the criminal (No 4 Star / Armed)
  • Fixed private server bans sometimes not working correctly
  • Decreased Stop Stick XP
  • Increased max hospital bill and max vehicle repair price
  • The most wanted criminals are now at the top of the police app
  • Improved vehicle sounds with a generic air/rolling sound
  • Improved Chat for long messages, so you can see what you are writing
  • Improved Dealership + Item Store UI


Expand the rules
  1. Advertising in-game [Kick / Ban]
  2. Placing items (like tapes, cones or stop sticks) in an offensive way [Kick / Ban]
  3. Intentionally using game bugs [Kick / Ban]
  4. Impersonating a staff member [Ban]
  5. Bypassing a moderation action using an alternative account [Permanent Ban]
  6. Exploiting or cheating [Permanent Ban]

Note that our staff may moderate any other Roblox ToS violation.