Emergency Responders 911 | Staff Policy


The The Emergency Responders Staff Policy outlines the basic guidelines every employee is expected to follow. Consequences will occur if any individual goes against the following policies. Please read over the following policies carefully and take note of them!


Grammar, is very necessary going through our staff policy.

Promotions + Rank’s:

Lower ranks: Moderator.
HR+ Ranks: Admin.
Development: Developer.
Senior Development: Senior Developer.
Staff Director - Staff’s Director.
Community Director - The Community’s director.
Assistant Community Manager: Community Managers Assistant.
Community Manager: Tells about the updates to the community.
Staff Manager: The manager of all staff.
Co-Owner: The Co-owner of the server.
Owner: Owner of the server.
Co-Founder: The Founder’s Co
Founder: Head Of All Staff.


  • All staff are expected and to be ensured to use a respectful tone and appearance. We should represent kindliness and politeness to all members that visit our facilities. We shall give off a happy ambiance to one another and treat them like family.

Attire/ Appearance:

At Emergency Responders 911, we want to keep a safe and orderly atmosphere at our facilities. We want to ensure all members of our community along with our staff team, dress appropriately within facilities. All prohibited bullets will be listed below and will not be allowed at any of our establishments

  • Inappropriate T-Shirts / Sexual graphics
  • Any clothing that mimics trolling, exploiting.
  • See-through clothing, Racial designs, etc.

The following policy is directed towards Management+ members!

Admin Abuse:

Any admin abuse, you will be able to report it to a hr+
They will be terminated/suspended!

Written By

@tysyaka Senior Developer/Staff Group Founder/Server Co-Founder/Director/Executive/Community Manager/Staff Director/Staff Manager/Intern