Emergency Response: Liberty County 10/09/2023 Update Log

Quality of Life Update!

Tons of bug fixes this time around - check em out below!

🌠 New Features!

:notes: Boombox Collaboration
We’ve teamed up with RELICSxyz to bring you in-game music powered by Monstercat!
To jam out, purchase the UGC on ROBLOX!

:tokyo_tower: Fire Watch Tower
Spot fires from the new Fire Watch Tower at High Rock Park and be the first to respond!

:fire: Fire Improvements
Private server moderators+ can now use :startnearfire with the same arguments as :startfire to start a fire on the nearest structure!
Also - bug fixes!

Go check out these awesome features!

🔎 Bug Fixes & Improvements!

  • Interiors are now lazy loaded.
  • Players can now drive through wooden fences, and the metal fence at the fueling depot.
  • Fixed the square street lamps.
  • Fixed bank truck issues when robbed.
  • Fixed DOT Street Sweeper Color.
  • Fixed LEO Spike Strip not animating on deployment.
  • Fixed toolbar showing while viewing the helicopter’s camera.
  • Fixed Heavy Rescue custom livery missing some parts.
  • Fixed the Custom ELS UI spacing and scrolling being weird.
  • Fixed bug where server icon wouldn’t show sometimes in a private server.
  • Disabled respawning in mod shop when wanted.
  • Fixed cars sometimes lingering when they should’ve been despawned.
  • Fixed server presets button always being visible in the modshop.
  • Removed car engine/siren distance client settings (no longer needed)
  • Fixed DOT misspelling in the Custom Livery menu.
  • Changed the pursuit confirmation notification to be in the bottom left corner.
  • Fixed the ZIndex glitching on the Squad Falcon’s custom livery.
  • Fixed weather sound game volume controller.
  • Fixed bug where leg gets longer for npc put on stretcher.
  • Fixed visual issue when inspecting/performing actions on NPC patients.
  • Added the lines texture to the FD Brush Truck side panels.
  • See more fixes on our Trello board

Let us know what you think of this update in our chat server, and please report any bugs in the dedicated bug reports channel. Be sure to check out the game to experience this awesome update.
Full credits for the game can be found here.