Emergency Response: Liberty County 11/30/2021 Update Log

New Features

Bank: Introducing the Bank of River City! This brings a new job where employees can roleplay processing transactions for the citizens of Liberty County. With this comes the long awaited bank robbery! Assemble your mafia and rob the bank for the most rewarding robbery in the game! Choose to go stealthy by lockpicking locked doors, or the loud option by shooting the glass windows/doors to force your way in! Going in stealthy with a lockpick will give you 60 more seconds before the alarm goes off and the police are notified. A mafia is required to start the robbery! Be sure to avoid the tear gas as it will damage you. The back area of the bank is off limits to the police to help discourage camping.

Sonoran CAD: To further expand on the realism aspect of your roleplay in private servers, we have partnered up with Sonoran to offer you the best CAD for our game! It will be able to connect with your private server and serve as a fully functional Computer Aided Dispatch. Please see our Discord channel where we have all info to get started! Use code ERLC when signing up for a discount!

Private Server Queues: Tired of spamming the “Join Server” button hoping for a spot to open up? Introducing private server queues! The queue will always be present, even if a server is not full. To join the queue, press the join server button. If a server is not full, it will automatically take you out of the queue and join the server! If it is full, you will see your position in the queue and will be teleported once a spot opens up. A private server’s mods and PRC mods get priority in the queue!

Voice Chat Matchmaking: Adding onto our pre-existing matchmaking, there are now 3 tiers for Voice Chat (VC) only players! You must have gone through Roblox’s approval process to get Voice Chat enabled and you will be able to join a voice chat only matchmaking server. With this, private server owners can now access a setting to require voice chat to join your server!

2008 Police Chevlon Camion: This new vehicle, representing the Chevrolet Tahoe, is now available on both police and sheriff teams!

Fast Food Restaurant: Introducing Three Guys! This fast food restaurant brings a new job where you can roleplay serving fast food to the citizens of Liberty County.

Go check out these awesome features!

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Added client settings to edit a vehicle engine’s and horn’s volume
  • Fixed menus overlapping when you detain someone and search their trunk
  • Ragdoll bug fixes
  • Dynamic clouds
  • Minor bug fixes and performance improvements

Let us know what you think of this update in our chat server, and please report any bugs in the dedicated bug reports channel. Be sure to check out the game to experience this awesome update.
Thanks to the following for making these amazing updates happen:

mrfergie – Lead Developer
Shawnyg – Senior Developer
LostInfinity – Community Manager
PRC Contributors
PRC Testers